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Thread: Age Varies

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    Age Varies

    I figure this is the place to ask is because of the different age groups that vary here.

    So the Question is: Why is it that now I am 17 and feel that I have not changed at all?

    ιи ρєяѕσиαℓιту тнαт ιѕ.

    Does it mean I am still immature? Even if I still have somewhat of a great understanding to some things?
    So my questions are:
    • 1. Is there a huge change when you turn different ages? Or is it just a front.
    • 2. Is it just the things that happen to you in life that make you more mature? And age has nothing to do with it?
    • 3. Do people ever really grow up?

    Now wait. I have to say. I had a full image when I was a kid how adults act, and I found teenagers just want-to-be adults and over emotional. But being 17 now almost out of the house. I have another. My Parents did a full flip on me. My parents have turned into. How do you say it? “Immature” -[insert-another word here]- Literally!

    ι нανє иєνєя ѕєєи тωσ ρєσρℓє иιт-ρι¢к-αт-єα¢н-σтнєя-σνєя-иσтнιиgиєѕѕ.

    I hate to say it, but I was once at a family reunion and I felt like I was sitting in high school again. The adults where so childish, and the kids were running around with their head cut off. Now I know I don’t know ever solution, but everything was handled wrong.

    To make this fast! Is just seems. “The older I get the more I feel that I am going to be me. There is no change, just in life. And you’re just to handle it as it’s comes at you.”

    This conclusion makes me so very sad.

    I just wanted to hear your opinion is all.

    Thank You~
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    Re: Age Varies

    well k i think it doesnt matter poeple like my dad still act like a teen of our days ( hes in a fase i think hes getten old lol)
    and my mum the odd time lol

    but me someone on here told me they thought i was like 19 or 20 before when i frist talked to them witch was quite werd

    but like im trying to say is it all depends people act more grown up because they have to or becasue they just think its tie to grow up and stop acting like a kid
    and same with older people so just dont want to give up there childhood

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    Re: Age Varies

    Hmm...tough question there...i don't think personalities would change dramaticly because of age...it can change but not rapidly....depends on the situation and the things the person go through...

    If it's due to maturerization hmm..it can change but very slow... ^^

    1.It depend mostly on what the person go through during his life...

    2.Not 100% age and i would say that experience plays important role ^^


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    Re: Age Varies

    age doesn't really matter, people say i seem to be 17-20 when im actually just 15 they say i act mature for my age. i think its the way you were raised. or your perception of life itself.

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    Re: Age Varies

    Q: So the Question is: Why is it that now I am 17 and feel that I have not changed at all?

    A: Do you really want me to answer that?

    Q: Is there a huge change when you turn different ages? Or is it just a front.

    A: There generally might not be a drastic change that takes place as one ages consecutively, but occasionally certain happenings in one's life can inflict a critical impact in that said individual, causing them to arrive at some sort of a realization that might dictate the course in rest of their lives. But yes, physically, an individual might undergo a major change at certain age periods =P So I suppose, you are talking about behavioral or mental-wise.. Oftentimes, the change is gradual, not overnight. And it depends on the individual, too! [I have to leave soon, so that's my forced response.]

    Q: Is it just the things that happen to you in life that make you more mature? And age has nothing to do with it?

    A: No, not necessarily ~ Experiences do supply one with valuable information, but if one learns not from them, then what's the use? So, I won't equate life experiences with the level of maturity. Instead, being mature has to do more so with how well you assimilate knowledge from your experiences, critically evaluate and learn from them, and adapt in process. Just the same with age ~! Though one who is a lot older compared to you might have gone through many things in life... if that one hasn't acquired any meaning from them, then he/she isn't positively bound to be more mature than you. My father, though he is a doctor and quite very erudite in the scientific field, when in times we are playing a board game or dinning at home, acts like a young kid. He acknowledges that himself. He sulks when my mom proclaims that she likes me the most ~!!! Thus, even if are the oldest person in the world, you surely might display a couple of signs of immaturity. It's not bad, commonly. It's lovable, sometimes! [That's all my opinion!]

    Q: Do people ever really grow up?

    Some do and some don't. It all depends, sweet Mr. K!

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    Re: Age Varies

    .. hmmm... I've never really felt this way since I've went through my life thinking "Grown ups are so dull and cranky... even if they have a good reason, it's still probably their fault."...
    And it is true, as I've figured out. (Of course, it depends where you're at and from, on how grown-ups act)

    You're 17 and you don't feel grown up? Well... actually, all your questions are asking the same question...

    Growing up differs amazingly from age.
    No one suddenly grows up once they turn to the age of 18.
    Growing up comes from experience. When you get a big slap on the face what the real world is like, when you're forced out into independence, when you're shoved into the cold and look into a warm-warm house, when someone leaves you... all that...

    You grow up through experiences, after you figure out your flaws as a child and what you were just a minute ago, you begin to call yourself more of "an adult".

    How you see yourself is mainly how you grow up.
    I grew up more than once. Each one, I realized how stupid I was before.

    When you come to realize it, all these adults these days aren't some stranger to what they were... they still are them, they just decided upon themselves how they'd see the world and how'd they act around it.

    It's a harsh world, and that's why everyone grown-up seems so strict... because someone bursted their bubble and made them realize how it's "every man for themselves" in most situations...
    Highschool mimics nothing about real life, a good college does, however. A good college shows that no one really belongs in a single group. You can go anywhere you want and do whatever you want, and it'd be your fault and your responsibility all through that time!

    Wonderful as it is harsh.

    However, having a parent who pays for all your crap and bails you out of jail is not a sign of growing up, it's actually a sign of staying immature and irresponsible.
    Get your own job to get your own stuff, work for what you believe is worth it!

    I'm a strange-case since I've looked forward to college ever since I hit middle-school. I never liked all this dependancy... it doesn't make any sense since we depend on people who tried growing up to be independant! Yet here they are, working their lives off for these brats who don't give a crap about what they do for them...
    And though they say it's the right thing to do, the fact is, they depend their lives on us children... how foolish is that? So we should grow independent to be dependent once more?


    We have our own lives.

    Our own stories to tell.

    Our own dreams to follow.

    When you know what you want and you work to get it, and know you'll be like that til the day you die, then you'll have "grown up".

    My immaturity comes from my love of jokes, not because I'm irresponsible (and though I act irresponsible, I am far from it) . An adult who still has a sense of humor, still has a sense of humanity. Oh, and "adults" can act immature. It's how they are, if they didn't accept responsibility and etc. You don't grow up by age, you grow up by what you choose to be through experiences. What's wrong with still being yourself unless you really don't enjoy yourself? Nothing's depressing about growing up, unless if you just end up being a waste of space as many "mature" people are. (Having a job doesn't make you useful, having a real life does)
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    Re: Age Varies

    i dont see my self acting like an adult. i want to stay a kid forever. and i dont want to chage just because im an adult and i sould act like it.

    Tanks zyta

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    Re: Age Varies

    growing up doesn't mean being a doushe bag and only caring about car payments and the mortgage...

    you know what being an adult is? it's being able to take care of the ones you love by your own self. it means that when a problem arises, you take it by the horns... whether you're scared or not... and tell it to f*ck off before you tear it's nuts out for hurting your loved ones...

    that's what being an adult it for me... caring for others... being a child is about caring for yourself...

    that's the change...
    and yeah, having a sense of humor does help... ^_^ that's one of the reasons why i keep Soshi around! he makes me laugh... even when i don't want to or when i'm being a b!tch...


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