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Thread: Alcohol addictive!!

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    Alcohol addictive!!

    I think every family have suffer a lot from addictive to alcohol a lot specially if this person is the father or the mother...So my Questions is How you can handle with this kind of person even your father or mother ..How you can connect with them? Is this a difficult to you see them die slowly in front you ?

    I don’t have any answer right now …

    What do you think!!

    Foolish beating

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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    I don't have an alcoholic mother or father. My mother despises all forms of alcohol, because she, like myself, acquire splitting headaches from just a touch of alcohol. For example, I once had a piece of chocolate rum - I mean, it's chocolate, so I thought, it can't hurt too much, right? Big mistake. I had a splitting headache about 10-20 minutes later. It's almost like a hangover in less than 30 minutes, from a small piece of chocolate rum. Besides which, I don't particularly like the idea of destroying my liver.

    My father, on the other hand, does enjoy a beer every day with his lunch/dinner. He's not addicted to it, but he does enjoy it, so we let him have it. He's developed a high tolerance for alcohol, so drunkenness isn't really an issue for him. I don't understand how he can enjoy the bitter taste of beer though. It even smells gross to me, so I can only begin to imagine what it'd taste like.

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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    well i just moved in with someone who drinks (even though they are not related to me)..i still think it effects the ppl around the addictive alcohol ..i mean this person is the same old person whether they cousmes lots of acholol or not..only until they drink alot..this persons gets pretty mean and ruff..but thats what happens when u get to much..and there is notinh wrong with drinking and its a lot easier to stop drinking than quit smoking..i rather have a smoker in the house than a drinkie! O.o..
    i think ppl shouldnt drink alot 1-it mess up ur head, smotach,and life span, ..2-ur have to think about the ppl around u ..it effcts them more than we think (freinds, kids, family) ..drunkies are look bad upon in families basically ..3- u bascailly cant or wouldnt be able to handle or keep a stable job ,and relationship will be tougher to handle an commit to

    it takes time to get over habits..but with the right help ,support and determintion .they can over come it.

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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    I never had alcoholic parents. Altough... I have seen them both drunk.... ^^

    It wasn't was a daily occurance or anything even close. If anything, they tought me to appreciate alcohol. My mother made both wine and beer.... and she would keep her wine for years and years... And if you know anything about an alcoholic, you'd know that they'd be trying to drink it before it was even done fermenting.

    But I DO feel that I was was a witness to chemical abuse. My parents, smoked marijuana quite often. Daily it seemed. And my father grew it, illegaly, in our home. They even owned lake property where they had a slew of plants. My dad would bring BUNDLES of it up from the basement, and say "One day you're gonna help good ol' dad with the family business." So, I spent my childhood.... having this "family secret" over my head. And they would make me watch movies like "Hemp for Victory". And, force me to read books like "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" (yeah, go ahead and google it, it ain't the childrens story I'm talkin' about).
    By the time I was 16. I was a regualr weedologist. Complete with my own bad habbit.

    Although, with all that said... They never got high, and did anything... disturbing. I mean, the sparse times they were DRUNK...thos times were burned itno my memory, because it was soo scary. But getting high? That just got them fat... they'd eat and watch T.V. The scariest part about the whole marijuana deal was that they were breaking the law. And would get into some serious trouble if cought. So it was the risk they were taking which made it all so bothersome.
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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    I’m allergic to alcohol... It makes me very VERY painfully sick if I ingest it, even just a small amount and makes me do a great impression of Mount Vesuvius.

    My parents drink, but not a lot, very little in fact. They don't smoke sigs or any of that. So they are pretty clean for the most part.
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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    just explaine to them how it makes u feel and wat its doing to their bodys
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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    my parents drink not as much alcohol as me...
    i´m on part ywith all my friends like 1 time a month and my parents just get a little drunk at a byrthday of tham so it´s like 2 times a year.
    maybe it´s a diffrent thing in germany because i don´t see that problem with tham and i will stop drinking that much when i finished my school and go to work^^.

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    Re: Alcohol addictive!!

    Like any substance that triggers an abnormal response in the human body, which can be classified as a drug: It is addicitive

    My biological father, and his entire family were all chronic alcoholics. There is a link between Genetics and Alcoholism, and as such, I've never touched the stuff. I've personally never seen the appeal of it as well, even the smell makes me sick.

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