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LAWL, my friend TOm has done that to me before D=. However that reminds me of something, just telling your kid this: "By the way you were an AprilFools joke."
One thing about this: LOL!!!!

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Back on topic, I've dealt with people like this. Usually I just stand tehre, wait until their done, start clapping "Good job, you just entered a conversation that you don't belong in, great." Just makes jokes about what they just did, confuse them. It works.

I will do this to, only to my friends JUST to piss them off, they say something, I stand next to them "Well, I belong in this conversation". Then walk away...x.X
That's a nice way to deal with noisy people... but you know... some of them get so mad at you because you are soo mean.... but they don't see how onnoying they are when they get into the convesations where they don't belong

What you do to your friends is sort of different because you do it just to piss them off... you don't do it because you are noisy... these people do it becasue they are noisy andsomeone has to tell them that.
Plus I am pretty sire your friends already know that you only want to ge them mad... :P