Hey I couldn't find anything on the anime expo that is happening in CA over the summer. I hope this is in the right place and all. Anyway if you didn't know there is a convention going down at the Long Beach convention center. It is happening January 29-July 2. I'm told it is one one the biggest conventions in the U. S and I'm tottaly going.(If you didn't know Long Beach is in Southern California If you want to know more go to their site Anime Expo [AX] 2007 | Long Beach Convention Center | June 29 - July 2 but I have to warn u a lot of their stuff says 'coming soon' I hope a lot of people are going there is supposed to be a lot of free stuff being given away. In my opinion it seems not that expensive even!!! SO POST ABOUT TELL IF UR GOING, AND JUST SAY WHAT YOU THINK!!