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Anime fashion CAN exist, but people are decent enough not to wear weird things a la Hevn (Get Backers) and Sei (BakuTen), with half their boobs hanging out. It's good eye candy, I suppose, but it's ridiculous, really. I can hardly imagine a woman in real life picking out her clothes in the morning and going, "Mmmm, I think I'll wear this ridiculously tiny top and no bra. And since that's already skanky as it is, I may as well wear this ridiculously short skirt too!"
LMAO! you seriously need to meet my freinds!
Thats exactly how they are!!!
But trust me theyre not sluts, well one of them is a prostitute, another a model, but the others aren't and they'd still wear that stuff you know.

So wearing clothes like you'd see girls wearing in these anime, they'd have no problem wearing themselves.