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Thread: answered prayers

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    Re: answered prayers

    Quote Originally Posted by crimson View Post
    ouch... i eally feel for you... i've lost a friend once... you know the philippines right? ant there's a war going on in the southern side, well, i belong to one of the cities in that side in a chaotic time about a few years back, our international airport was bombed, and i lost two of my friends in tht bombing... they were very religious, twins in fact... a boy and a girl... i believe 've never seen one without the other... (except maybe in some of the classes... we were sectione by the administration... and they were separated back in grade 2, 4, 5, and on 1st year high school), they were on their way to manila (our capital city) to meet with their parents forthe first time since 2nd grade... boy was i so disheartened... i mean, they never missed church! they died too young... 1st year... 1st year high... 13 years old... 13...

    i still miss them terribly

    that was so bad... ihate common day violence you know... it sucks, they havetoo many innocent victims!
    i hate it! i really do!!!
    Omg... I hope you don't blame yourself for their deaths... It wasn't your fault, however it was my fault.. i should have gotten help.. I should have saved her, called sooner. Therefore her death is on my hands. Anyway.. I'm sorry for what happened. The world seems like it's filled with nothing but death at times...
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    Re: answered prayers

    I used to hold faith in a religion up till I was six... Just a normal Western CHristian religion, nothing special. I remember that my prayers never came true... And once, when I woke up in the middle of the night while I was terribly sick (I don't remember of what, I was four—, I prayed to God and Jesus and thanked them for healing me.

    Seconds later I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. I had explosive diarrhea and I couldn't eat much for another week. And there was more vomiting, coughing fits, all the good stuff.

    I have to say, this vexed me till no end till I was five... When I really lost my interest in religion in general.
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    Re: answered prayers

    Well I pray every evening but I rarely ask for something, I try not to ask for too much, because then I might not get something more important later just because I already have "gotten gifts"....

    I haven't asked for that much indeed... Ussually I just prayed for people so that their lifes were a little bit better, my classmates ussually, but I haven't met them for a long time so I don't know if it worked...

    The only time I really prayed for something... Ummm... It was not answered... Oh well... I guess some things can not be changed, but I admit I am very upset about that...
    And I pray again hoping that unluck will bring to luck...

    I believe, of course I believe, a little bit less than before but I do... It makes one feel safe and loved..

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