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Thread: Any obsessions?

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    Any obsessions?

    The title pretty much explains itself. Bt I'll just re-ask. Do you have any intereting, funny, weird obsessions you'd like to share?

    Again, I'll start:

    - I have a weird thing for roses, I just love them.
    - Castlevania, the game series, damn well love it...too much.
    - I am obsessed with the Band Cradle of Filth, I can admit it
    - Metal Gear Solid series, a GREAT series
    - Hideo Kojima (My hero....*-*)
    - Shigeru Miyamoto (Again, a hero *-*)
    - And of course I'm obsessed with talking about dead things.

    Your turn, who ever posts....dosn't it feel better to ADMIT what you're obsessed with?

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    Re: Any obsessions?

    I am obsessed with alot of games like final fantasy, metal gear solid, world of warcraft (when i get it), Halo and more.
    I am obsessed with korns music.
    I also love some books like fight club.
    Anime like naruto, bleach, inuyasha, dbz, tenchi muyo, and more.
    Food there are way to many to name.
    new games
    And I like to listen comdey just to laugh randomly times just cause i think there random very random some guy was talking about puting lotion on a puppet butt.

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    Re: Any obsessions?

    I'm obsessed wit Gundams, collectin' the models, watchin' the different series, etc.
    I'm also obsessed wit Zombies, have been ever since my bout wit cancer. Watchin' George Romero films, playin' RE video games and such. (oh, and by the way I like Castlevania games also).

    I'm obsessed wit RPG games, have been since I was a teen. Used ta play D&D back in collage. And I play RPG video games alot too, FF, Fire Emblem, Skies of Arcadia, etc.

    I'm obsessed wit R.A. Salvatore, his books, and his one of characters Drizzt Do'Urden.

    I'm obsessed wit swords and historical guns (i.e. mainly Civil War and WWII period, although any period usually intrigues me).

    I'm obsessed wit history and the various cultural practices and philosophies of various societies in history and today.

    I'm also obsessed wit the monsters of Yugioh and collect the cards fervorently so that I might be able ta draw the monsters on them.

    Yeah I know, I'm a ham. I accept that, but that what I love 'bout myself.

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    Otaku Arukih may be famous one day Arukih may be famous one day Arukih's Avatar
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    Re: Any obsessions?

    I have lot of obsessions...X_X"

    Im absessed for:
    RPG Games!
    Funny Jackets and Coats(I have about 120)
    Books(lot of tnem)
    Concerts and Rock festivels
    Dress Funny
    Cats(my pet)
    Orange Juice and strawberrys
    Jelly beans
    British series
    Stand Up comedy! (Portuguese and British)
    My Mac staffes(Ipod, Macbook)
    My Phone(Sharp 902 Red)
    Soccer and soccer players(special Cristiano Ronaldo and Tamada Keiji)
    colours(Black, Red, White, and Green)
    olds staffes
    ...well i could go on

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    Re: Any obsessions?

    gore and horror and yes even evil those are my obsession becuase
    everyone thinks they know what true evil is when what they know
    is just the tip of the ice burg.

    and gore and horror are always intresting for me becuase
    every culture has there view on what it is no one person
    or culture has the final say on what they think is gor or horror
    and thats why im obsed with those things.
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    Re: Any obsessions?

    me obessed...hmmm let me think, if it would be anything it'd be partying...I love too party, its like an every weekend thing with me. But other than that im not obessed with anything else

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    Otaku FuzzyBearofDoom is off to a good start FuzzyBearofDoom's Avatar
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    Re: Any obsessions?

    My obsession would have to be Guitar Hero I think that it is really fun and I am really good at it.

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    Otaku Oroboros Champion nexusolus is off to a good start nexusolus's Avatar
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    Re: Any obsessions?

    The only true obsession i can think of is that when ever i see a mushroom growing ina yard or on a tree i always have a sudden urge to uturly destroy it. Dont know why.

    Made by me.

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