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Thread: Any UFO fans??

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    Re: Any UFO fans??

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuzalagloopagloop View Post
    I mean a galaxy on average has about 3billion stars and there are more galaxies than grains of sand on the earth. So it’s kind of ignorant to think we are the only living things out there I mean come on man. And did you even read post #7 with the drawings???? It was IMPOSSIBLE for her to know about the Zeta star system, No way no how. Now im not saying all the UFO stories are true in fact 90% are fake, But you cant ignore hard facts like that.
    Ok yeah so there maybe life on other planets , but what i meant was what is shown to us is all fake.Maybe top governments know about it , maybe armies do , but we only get to see the internet and tv stuff and all.....and must of that is crap =p

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    Re: Any UFO fans??

    I do believe in UFO! I really hope we will have a friendly contact with them one day as it will be so awesome!
    Video to MP3

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    Re: Any UFO fans??

    Inactive threads, which have not been posted in for 1 month or more, should not be revived. They are considered dead.
    Please read the Forum Rules: Anime Online - FAQ: GENERAL RULES

    Dead topic. +Closing+

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