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Thread: AO members: gone but not forgotten

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    Otaku tifa4cloud may be famous one day tifa4cloud may be famous one day tifa4cloud's Avatar
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    AO members: gone but not forgotten

    Hey people of ao, not sure if anyone will ever write in this thread but here goes anyways. Over the past few years I have made a number of really good friends here but because I was gone for awhile, to my dismay when I got back they either dont be on ao anymore or they have forgotten me either way this makes me sad. What I wat to know is, have any of you experinced this or does anyone miss someone on ao that no longer comes here?? (umm I hope that makes sense, dont really know how to get the words down proper )

    thank you equinn

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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    It's not uncommon to stay in touch with members via messengers. That way you can keep talking regardless of where they be on the internet.

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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    Aw man, you bringing back the memories of when AO used to be the place to be.
    Myspace wasn't compared to AO back when Jader was here, cerebrum, taurus demon, bazerk, all my friends used to come here. Rave-grip and I always had fun on here in the chat section, letting lose and talking random. Now, AO got dull and boring and the new people here are either noobs who act immature or vets who keep to themselves (like me)
    Ao used to be the place to come to online. I used to have panic attacks if I couldn't get on back then. Now I just go on ff.net and read. AO used to be thet shyznit
    Now, I come every once in a while to see if anyone I know is back.
    They aren't, so I leave and go off into the world of ff.net

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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    well...this hasn't happened to me yet...but when it has been a while since i talk to a few people here, ya it can suck..but it also gives u that extra puch to meet new people on the site. Now i useually give my closest friends on AO my msn so i can talk to them more often, cuz even i am on msn more often then AO it is more convenent after all, and the convers are much faster and more intence. So i don't realy miss anyone cuz for one thing i haven't met enyone who isn't on at least once a mounth, and all my best buds i can talk to on msn

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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    Me too i hope it does not but i will miss the people i have met and began talking to. sad when you come back and no one remembers.
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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    Hey, tifa4cloud i know you have been so long gone from your dismay which never happens alot or i umm i dont know really, but i for one has experienced this number of times when i do not get on for at least 1-4 years into somewhere that is not related to this. Friends has been a keyword for me and i try and try to be friends to what i made before and never let them go until i was ready that is why i am still friends from years behind up to this point.

    I have been a friend of yours since the day i joined well only weeks after i was online for short term of period since i was busy with my education. I admire friends and i will intent to inspire and support friends that i have no longer have been in touch with. Wouldnt you believe into what i am saying? Would you be at least happy to the friends your still?
    Please do keep this in mind and respond if you want i am not pressuring you to answer this quickly.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    Oh... gone.. :/ gee... may their soul be blessed and may they rest in peace.. amen... :x just kidding just kidding..

    Hmmm I do miss quite a few people... ^^ my good friends here.. i wonder how they are doing now... i went away for a few months, 2 years ago.. 6 months i think and gosh.. everything in AO was totally different.. o.O and i could not look for my old spam bud Heartless_mage... he finally came back last year but now he's gone again.. left a pic of him and his drunk bud in a bus... the last thing he told me of was he is in the marines in training or something... Well hope he is ok ^^

    Aqua drop... I miss that girl.. if it were'nt for her.. Lasura and i wont meet ^^ Lol... i wonder how she is doing now.. and if she does still remembers me

    Suichiro Arima... this guy i only known him for a little while back then last year... but he really reminds me of a character from Honey and Clover... Morita Shinobu.. a real funny guy and was the newest member of Legion Ketsueki... until another member joins I wonder if there are any still who want to join our little Clan.. give me a PM or Koga23 (ray made a commercial break! )

    All of Legion's member... and

    Hmm who else... oh right! My adopted little sisters.... gee... i got 8 now.. i only see 3 to 4 of them now... according to one of them they are pretty busy these days and have to do stuffs... sheesh ^^

    Im forgetting most of my friends too.. and i wonder if the mods here ever remember the little spammer... or if any other members remembers me a few does ^^ and i haven't seen others yet.. hmm...

    I miss writing poems...and post them in the poem section... i love my second poem i wrote which was the first poem thread i post here.. its so funny i am laughing at myself looking at my old poems.. such bad quality

    Messenger eh? Some got too busy to even get on it.. o.O i never seen most of my YM friends... for quite some time...
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    Legion Ketsueki Lives on~!!
    I'm BACK AO!

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    Moderator Fling The Cow Champion, Abba The Fox Champion deodaclan18 may be famous one day deodaclan18 may be famous one day deodaclan18's Avatar
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    Re: AO members: gone but not forgotten

    Ha, rayme just reminded me why I stopped reading his posts in the clan.

    Friends come and go, as do members. If you're that bored/sad, take the initiative and try to message someone that's on and make a new friend. As for me, I do have one person that's gone from here who use to be 'eh pretty cool guy', but I'm not going to get emotional over someone I never met in person.
    Attitude of AO MODS, according to beast
    Because they have obtained that level they are arrogant. You have to kep in mind when you talk about these guys they are kind of dorks who probably didn't excel at much and this is their only outlet to flex their muscles. Their egos would suffer no less so the the forum suffers some more. Watch one way or another they will probably repond to this post with a threat. But there are better forums out there. Private messege Zev.

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