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Thread: Bad examples

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    Re: Bad examples

    It's just a simple advertisment, I don' t find that people should be mad about what is writen there, I've seen worse...
    They' re just trying to make people to go and test, which people really should do. And they're just doing it by saying nice things which aren't really relative to the case.

    This advertisment just works on people who really do like taking risks. It points out to them that they do probably also like living. And says that they'd better check if they are healthy.

    People are lazy, they won't go to the doctor unless they can get candy for it.

    And you can not blame health institutes for taking money and viewing a sickenss as a possibility to earn. They need to survive to be able to help people! duh! The money you pay for a test will help a doctor stay in his work and later help you or someone else

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    Re: Bad examples

    Quote Originally Posted by ryomakurosaki View Post
    Today my mother and I have a great discussion about politics and goverment. I know thats really wreid but..not the point ^^ Well the point is I say this truck saying " like taking risks? you like living life? let us help you!
    we have std testing and dna testing sites everywhere!"
    I found this soo very disgusting!! I couldn't believe the message the were putting out!! It was clearly stating all the bad things are ok as long as you are check (clearly I left it out because this is a family site ^^)but what do you think about this?

    - If you had seen this sign how would you react?
    See, that ad right there is actually a Government Conspiracy to find EVERYONE who has STD, or AIDs and kill them off, so they wun come back, which they'll fail, but who knows.

    On a more serious note, Ehh, it's just advertisements, made to make money, much like pornography, it's just another way for people to get money, and or "help soceity" as they would say.

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