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Thread: Is it bad to stay long with a computer?

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    Re: Is it bad to stay long with a computer?

    i think after doing anything that u don't absolutely love for too long leaves u with regret later. Wondering where all that time really went. Not good to regret anything anyway
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    Re: Is it bad to stay long with a computer?

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    Hmmm not juist for health though... for electricity expenses too... since my house got internet... The bills before was like... RM 30 - 50 max a month... now... RM 100 - RM 300 and increasing...
    oh yeah! and that too... i remember us having less than 2000 Php electricity bills per month... when we got internet connection, boy did it skyrocket to 3000 - 5000 Php... haha... my parents actually threatened to disconnect the internet... plus there's a 1000 Php charge for internet per month where i come from...
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    Re: Is it bad to stay long with a computer?

    You have internet at home but don't have Tv!!!!??? O.o wow! That's something! I had been trying to get internet for two months here (not using computer didn't help my eyes, because I used my mobil and that is far much worse!)

    Ofcourse you don't get blind but I do think it does some bad for your eye sight... I bet I'll be in need of glasses in no time...
    Also... if you just sit at home all day it's not very good too both for physical and mental health... you should go out sometimes, hang out with friends (I'm not saying I do it much... School is enough for me ^^ lol)

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