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Thread: Battling Loneliness

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    Re: Battling Loneliness

    loneliness it was my friend in my childhood ..... at that time i did not have a friends in school or anywhere els because of this i hated the life ..... every time i see girls laughing with there friends i feel lonely and i began crying ..... my childhood were very bad and miserable childhood but before 4 years i become able to broke this lonely and i have many friends who love me and respect me and there are many girls come to me and ask me that they want to become my friends ..... unite now i don't know what i did to become like this .... at that time no one stand by my side just my brother how helped me very much and i am grateful for him and now every body by my side .... my childhood broke me to pieces and hurt me but this wound start healing

    i think that they become love me because i laugh a lot or make jokes but this is me i fought this lonely and i deserve this love .....=^_^=

    at that time one of my dreams that i want a friend and thank to GOD he gave me all these grate friends .... and for everyone how feel lonely and want a friend i am here you can talk to me ....=^_^=
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    Re: Battling Loneliness

    hey been a while since I was on so whats up still struggleing well if you need anyone to talk to here is one of my email adresses echo and I believe you have the other after the message I sent you.
    [email protected]
    only problem with this one is that I misspelled thurston oh well email me sometimes.

    here is a bit of info you all should know. Dont beg for things do it yourself or else you wont get anything. dont let the little details run your life. when your down just keep on moving.

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    Re: Battling Loneliness

    Yeah lonliness sucks. I think everyone can agree to that. I just try to occupy my time. Do stuff that requires lots of attention. I just arrived to Iraq for my second deployment and it gets quite lonely being away from everyone. But I bought a cheap guitar and plan to learn while I'm here. Just try to keep in mind that your NOT the last person on earth and just keep your hopes high and hope for the best. There's someone for everyone. You just have to give yourself time to find them

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