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Thread: Beware Of Zombies

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    Re: Beware Of Zombies

    This is a 1st for me. I find it very funny. But it is still dangerous none the less. Hopefully no one was hurt while looking out for zombies XD
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    Re: Beware Of Zombies

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post
    It certainly takes an amount of skill to change one of those signs..

    Apparently not, theres supposed step by step instructions on the Internet somewhere.

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    Re: Beware Of Zombies

    The signs are pretty funny ^^ a little break from the everyday life even more if they where true and there where zombies ahead then you could go crazy and use some of your anger on hitting them with the car

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    Re: Beware Of Zombies

    Not funny. (: Kinda too classical, gets a bit boring I think. Although it sure is something different if you see it live.
    Apart from the possibility that the sign might've read something completely different I don't see anything dangerous about it. I don't think it's something you'd consider real. Just drive along, that's it.
    As long as it is something like "Beware of zombies or raptors" ... No real harm meant, I guess.
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    Re: Beware Of Zombies

    I suppose, but it is still a distraction, not everybody will just drive along and ignore it, but I personally, if I could drive, and came across something like that, I wouldn't be thrown off by it, it could catch my eye, but I next to never literally laugh out loud, so it wouldn't effect me.

    But I couldn't say for sure about others, that is why it is endangering lives to be pulling such pranks, I think the people that put up those signs should look up those step by step instructions on how to hack in and adjust the messages on the signs, and have something done about it to keep that from working.

    Not trying to be against humor, I just think it'd be better to ensure the safety of drivers over letting people put up messages of their own, whatever they want, on those signs.

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    Re: Beware Of Zombies

    Oh wow. That's soo stupid. But, yet funny. Who was the genius did that? Zombies don't even exist... Sorry if i had to ruin a prank but... people actually getting into accidents just because, of there's zombies in the area. My god there idiots! If they saw an actual dead body at a funeral and out of no where they come back to life like your grandparents or your relatives. Your not going to freak out and hit them over the head with a shovel or shoot them. Or you would just faint because, you never saw a zombie in your whole life. That just seems weird or something out of ordinary that's really retarded.

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