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Thread: Birthday...

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    Re: Birthday...

    I dont like considering birthdays to be a normal day, i think its just WRONG.
    one should celebrate their b-day because you dont know if u gonna see ur next one. So you should celebrate the fact that u lived another year.
    My b-day is in August i dont know what m gonna do yet, but i know that its gonna be something big since im gonna celebrate my 18th b-day

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    Re: Birthday...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mini Dev View Post
    Thanks very much everyone including you my enemy...So i wanted to wish you all the best of luck and to thank you all for your splendd comments
    oh? my enemy? then you can thank my post j/k of course .. i didn't say it earlier because i usually check my network members list and from it i know the current days for birthdays of current people .. but with the networking problem around it couldn't for you ... *i'm catching of Ray!!* ...
    and for the birthday my last one was quite good as i forgot to mention that before i had gifts from my family and some of my close friends .. yeah it was indeed a good day ...
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