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Thread: Birthday Memories

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    Re: Birthday Memories

    i have never really had any b/days since i was like 6 so i cant really rember any birthday parties other than we had a bouncey castle and ti was raning we kept tipin it over and sliding across it in the rain it was soo much fun! XD us big oldies always end up kickin off the wee kids and actin like kids when we get on at other kids b/day partys!!

    come to think of it i think my teachers att got on one at sports day when the kids went home ( i go to a secondry school , it was sports...and fun day!?)

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    Re: Birthday Memories

    Back in the day, they were great. Everything essential was there.
    Nowadays, well, I haven't had a party in two years. I'm only 17 now. My mother keeps putting it off. >_> It's been just over two months for this year's.
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