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Thread: Bord?

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    well if u r drop on in and come hang out with other AO users and hey if ur new u can probobly ask any1 in here how to do stuff if u dont know how and if u dont know what the rules r and is to lazy to read them(i didnt read them XD) and what u can do is chat rp(role play) and post a url to something funny or it can be music that u think might brighten up ppls day but not any of that mushy stuff ugh!

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    Re: Bord?

    This thread has no real value on the board. It seems more like journal/profile material.

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    Re: Bord?

    Glad this thread was closed. Also very hard to understand what you are trying to say J3W. Please try to post with correct spelling and nice flowing sentences. Makes it a whole lot easier to read then.

    The spelling is "bored" not "bord".


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