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Thread: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

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    Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    I'm sure that there are others, like me, who are not fortunate enough to live like we don't have a financial care in the world. Or, at the very least, there are others who wish to be financially stable. I'm also pretty certain that, if you are one of those people, you've often thought to yourself--as I have--what life would be like if you were born in to wealth.

    So, my question is: How would you live if you were born in to wealth? Would you be like the stereotypical "rich kid" who takes that kind of life for granted; draining mommy or daddy dry? Or, would you try to do something with your good fortune? Would you just live a superficial, "money is no object", "I gotta have the best cars, clothes, etc.," kind of life? Or, would you try to make a name for yourself--start your own legacy?

    I think that I'd try to start my own business. Earn my own money. I always feel bad when I gotta ask my mother for assistance. I feel bad when I have to ask ANYONE for any kind of assistance. Be it monetary, or anything else. I've always wanted to run my own business and I think that if I was born in to wealth, the money I DO get from my parents would be used wisely. I don't really care for owning a bunch of cool cars, and I don't really care how I dress. I don't think that living in a wealthy family would affect my personality. I'd probably still be the same ol' Sprout... Just with more video games, LOL.

    I think I'd try to give back to communities that need it. I'm from one of those inner-city communities that don't really have too many resources or businesses in it. If there are any--which there is--they're all very small businesses that usually close within a few months time, or have been open for so long but don't make much of anything. Some of the bigger companies have moved back in to the hood, but not too many. So, I figure, I'd try to change that. A neighborhood will never clean up if there aren't any resources in it. Nobody's gonna try to make a change in a neighborhood with more bad than there is good, y'know?

    But enough about me, what about you? How would you live if you never knew being broke? What would you do in life if you were born in to wealth?

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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    I was fortunate enough to have been born into some type of wealth. I think I take it a bit for granted. I realize I should save my money and get a job because once I'm off on my own, that's it, and if I don't have my bearings it'll suck. I'm pretty sure I got my bearings though.

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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    i have borne in a wealthy family and i thank God for that ^_^ ... i said wealthy family not becasue of the money becasue of the kindness and love in this family ,it is true that we are a 80% wealthy family but that is something normal becasue with money we can't buy love or kindness and that is the real wealthy thing in this world ... love , kind, care, happiness and the top point of wealthiness ....

    and for the question <<How would you live if you were born in to wealth? >>
    i will live to get the joy of living , i am a person that dosen't love money over anything of my life .. that dosen't mean that i see money as a normal thing becasue i have it >< ... i like buying things that i want or i need but i don't show off by it , i don't buy expensive things ... everything i get or i have i thank God for it , i just can't understand the point of the kids of a rich family like to show off there is no use of it they just get a more hatter people it you have a car you don't have to buy more cars just to show off and say " look this is my new car" Ah XD .... =^_^=
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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    I hope to god that if I were born into wealth I would behave like the stereotypical rich kid.
    "Yes, Rosie dear, please shove that silver spoon into my mouth." "Yes, I SAID shove the spoon into my mouth not down my throat. That's it. You're gonna be deported this time once mommy and daddy find out you tried to kill me"

    I'd probably donate a lot of money to charitable organizations like St. Jude's Hospital or cancer research.
    Money is just one more material item that I don't really need to survive. Give me food (a lot please), water, and ditch those taxes and I'll be happy. Happy as a peach.

    Although seeing my attitude towards money when I get paycheck . . I think had I been born into wealth I would've bought almost everything that captured my attention.

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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    I would llike to think I would be the same becuase I do not see anything wrong with the way I am now but I would be better to have afforded graduating from a better more expensive college. I think that maybe the biggest difference is that it would have helped me reach my goals quicker. But I have never been a materialistic person, and even rich could not see the point having several cars and a house with rooms I will never use. And yeah my anime collection would be bigger.

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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    If I was rich I would have went on shopping sprees everyday, instead of working. Which I guess its a good thing that I wasn't a rich kid, taught me good work ethics and how to work hard in life. If you learn to work hard you don't often need to worry about money because you inquire skills to make money.

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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    First off, Hey Sprout, long time no see!

    Well, I have to admit, I would likely be a different person all together. I probably wouldnt know how to manage money as well, and I would take everything for granted. I wouldnt know any different. tho...

    Being... ahem Unwealthy has taught me to buy things that last, and i tend not to waste my money. instead of buying two porterhouse stakes, for instance, I would probably get several pounds of hamburger- it costs the same, and can be used for different things, and there would be a lot more hamburger than steak there for the same price.

    All and all, I would probably live a more comfortable life, one where I dont have to stay awake every night worrying about all the problems of tomorrow- but then again, I may be better as a person being born the way I was..

    lol a lowly ardent.

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    Re: Born in to wealth. (How would you live?)

    I wouldn't let wealth go to my head. I wouldn't act as if I am untouchable and above all. I would buy myself a fully equipped gymnasium, a sick street scooter, a trip to Japan. I would obviously give lots of money to charities and organizations. I would enjoy wealth, not take advantage of it.

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