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Thread: bra's (girls only plz...)

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    bra's (girls only plz...)

    well recently i have gotten bigger brests since i got sized propurly i thought i was a 38DD but i find out im actuly a 38F (big shock) i have always gotten things said to me cos i have large brests and i have a very bad back problem too cos of it but im finding it very hard to find bra's that are my size and i dont want really ugly ones like but can anyone help me like find ones because my mums getting sick of me havin to keep washin mine over and over again cos i only have a few in my new size although i wish for a reduction tbh but atm can anyone give me a site or shops that i can get a size 38 F bra

    (this i dont belive is advertising and i hope this wont be closed)

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    Talking Re: bra's (girls only plz...)

    Whoa! Equinn! A little weird that some one posted something about how big AO's girls boobs are. XD

    Well... i kind of have big boobs though. But, i like 2 keep it as a little secret.
    but, i'm not a flat chest or my boobs don't sag.

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    Re: bra's (girls only plz...)

    i believe that victoria secret goes up that far. I usually buy mine there and im a bit smaller than you are. But if they dont, then you might just have to go to a specialist to get more made. That may be the only way, its a little extra, but buying them online may be alot expensive.

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    Re: bra's (girls only plz...)

    Yeah, I was about to suggest Victoria's Secret they have really cute bras that go up to 40F. However, they are really expensive. >.> Like twenty bucks a piece or more.

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    Re: bra's (girls only plz...)

    I buy mine at VS. They are $40 and up but it's worth it (My mommy told me it's the best storeee!)..

    And...why would you post this..publicly? lol just wondering.
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: bra's (girls only plz...)

    hhmm u can aalways try Wal-mart..they are pretty cheap and comfortable..i learned to the bigger u are the more expensive the bras if ur that big u need to shop there..true its not all that high quailty stuff there but its a decent price,ur size.and comforable..
    There are other places u can try if u want them cute ..Try Victoria Secerts too ^____^

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    Re: bra's (girls only plz...)

    I am sorry but talking about this on a forum so openly is just asking for attention from the opposite sex. I really don't see how you can create a thread. Please keep such personal subjects off the main boards.

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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