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Thread: Bratz vs. Barbie

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    Re: Bratz vs. Barbie

    Hi Mr. K!

    I don't see whats wrong with GI Joe

    GO JOES!
    YouTube - G.I. Joe

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    Re: Bratz vs. Barbie

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. K View Post

    The girl may not be slutty, but I think showing a tab bite more legs, and make-up.

    Shows that girl maybe mature, and it does send guys her way. So yea slutty is it.

    If the girl likes to feel comterable(sp). I don't think running around half naked does it.

    there's a difference in feeling pretty, and just being slutty~

    As for the topic. Any Image for a child is bad. Note: GI Joe.

    I think you should just get them Legos.

    I don't think a female should be considered slutty just because she is showing a bit of leg. If her boobs and butt were hanging out, I wouldn't agree with that, but wearing make up and a short skirt doesn't make a person slutty. I usually don't wear skirts but I do have a few mini skirts that I wear with my knee high boots and I don't wear it to get people to look at me because I already have a man. I wear it because for one, it's hot in teh summer and I want to cool down a bit and two, I used to be meaty. I have lost a lot of weight and I am happy about my body so I wear clothes that I can feel comfortable in without worrying about blubber exploding from my body.

    You shouldn't blame the girl if guys look her way. A female shouldn't have to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts every day of the year because men have wandering eyes. It's not fair. Besides, when a guy walks around with no shirt in the summer, you don't see people calling him a male slut. It's just a double standard.

    I also wear a bit of make up, like in my profile picture. A lot of women do. It's just a female thing for some of us ^_^

    Hey, what's wrong with GI JOE!

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