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Thread: Broken ribs!!!! >.<

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    Broken ribs!!!! >.<

    I feel really shity...
    I have four... Count them.. FOUR broken ribs.
    I was in a pretty bad car accidet a few years back, and broke two ribs on each side.
    When they healed, they healed wrong. They were actually growing into my lungs slowly but surely. My doctor told me he would have to reset them. OH GOD. He did this, and even though it feels as if I'm being beaten with a sledge hammer over and over... I can breathe so much better.
    Has anyone out there had broken ribs before? And if so, do you have any advice?
    ((On top of that, I caught a nasty flu bug! >.<))

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    Re: Broken ribs!!!! >.<

    Journal/blog material.
    Post it there.

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