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Thread: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    there was this girl i wanted to go out with, but i guess i was too slow, and she went out with somebody else. it really sucked too, b/c i'm pretty shure she knew i liked her

    Oh well, right? i would have kinda been in the same perdicament, because i have like 2 weeks of hell (oh, i mean school) left and then i'm off to college.

    like mentioned above, unless you are like a guy i know and thinks only of sex, a short term relationship is kinda worthless. all it does is make peoiple feel bad

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    Quote Originally Posted by kyzr View Post
    I'm in a similar spot [though a little less serious, at the moment].

    This guy and I, we're so great... really, we are. He's funny, and smart, and attractive, and he has good taste... and he thinks all the same of me. And I really like to look at him, I like it when he's smiling... he kisses my forehead and for half a second I can't think. And I just want to talk with him, and be with him all the time.

    But he's going to college in like 3 months. And I'm afraid we'll end there. It's a little scary... I'm not in love with him, but I won't deny that I'm a little attached, and I want to see this grow.
    But is he going away for college, or one thats nearby?

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    If you're greedy about these things, like I am, short term relationships are actually great for you. You'll have the satisfaction of a relationship or whatever you're after, be it sex or not, and then move on to the next, exciting new relationship. And, if you're as much of a jerk as I am, breaking up is in no way uncomfortable as I no longer hold any interest in the matter. So, for me, it's an entirely good thing.

    And no, I am not saying this is how you should act, rather, I am stating an opinion based on my perspective on the world. So don't flame me too much

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    Probably not and distance relationships are hard to deal with. If you haven't seen the person in a while you might try to get with someone else. I think it's better to get with someone that's not really far away from you. And the person could have moved on for all you know.

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)


    why would you enter into a relationshp knowing it's supposed to end eventually. i mean, the reason why you enter a relationship is to find that special someone who you can spend the rest of your life with... entering into a relationship will mean invesing in it's growth and suffering in it's failure...

    ihave never really understood the reason for a fling where peope just call it a "trip"... it not only puts weight on the one that does develop feelings... and embed a concience (if ever the person has one) on the one who left.

    i enter a relationship accepting the fact that it might end eventually, if it doesn't work out.. but i put into it my everything... because i search for the one i will e with forever. not just someone to sepnd one night with... not just someone to keep me company for the time being... not someone who i just intend to use.. but human as we are... if it doesn;t work then it's time to end it...

    overall... i nevr enter a relationship which puts a timer on everything that is supposed to happen from there on out, including the ending... because it puts a limit to how far and how fast you should get there... a relationship i seeked to find someone to last a lifeime with you... and not some proposterous game to find out who gets tired of the relationship first...
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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    Gee... that is kinda sad... but congrats on being able to continue your studies by the way... ^^

    Lets see... why don't the both of you be more patient and wait.. or.. do something to get him there as well... ^^ 5 years... i would wait... yea.. like i wrote in my poem...


    Lol ^^ to me... if i found a special person.. and truly loves the person.. i'd do anything to keep the relationship intact unless it is too impossible to... A few AO members here practices long distance relationship.. including me... ^^ i bet one by one will show up and express thier views.. but to me... long distance for a period of time... its not forever... at least you know when you will be back... and good luck for the both of you ^^

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    Yep. It'll be painful, but if the two of you think it's worth keeping even over such a long distance, why not give it a go? I hear the rewards of being patient in circumstances such as those are immense.

    But if you were to ask me if I'd like to be in a short-term relationship, I'll be blunt: No. Getting together with someone for a couple of weeks or months simply because "the feeling's right" just wouldn't do, if it'll just break the other person's heart eventually anyway.
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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    well there is nothing wrong with long-distance relationship,if your love is true and if he truly loves you,he'll surely wait for you,
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