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Thread: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    if you love each other, you should be able to wait. this long term, long distance relationship could either strengthen or weaken your relantionship. so, its entirely up to you and him. if he's not willing to wait, then maybe you should rethink it.

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    I saw a biographical movie about Ms. Potter. She was proposed to but her parents didn't approve of her engagement much to her dissatisfaction. Finally her parents said for her to keep the engagement secret for 5 months. She was to go on vacation to a fabulous lakeside house. Everyday she received love letters that made her heart pound.... 'til one day the letters from her boyfriend stopped coming. Her boyfriend's sister wrote that he was sick. She immediately went to him but it was too late to even attend his funeral. Yes her boyfriend got sick and died. It was hard for her to draw since she was an artist and writer by trade and she had so many memories of him helping her publish her books. She eventually met and married another but though the time she spent with her first boyfriend ended, it was well spent because he helped her launch her career. People come and go in life. They may not be your soul mate but sometimes they enter and exit your life to be a blessing of some kind... to be a sweet memory.. parting is such sweet sorrow.. but one finds strength to move on.. either in one's career or friendships or mission in life. One never knows. Ms. Potter donated 4,000 acres of land to be protected in England after her successful Peter Rabbit tales. Pretty good movie.

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    Yah, as Ray said, at least u know when u are comming back, the waiting and uncertainity is the worst part. And you also can know quite sure whether you fit together. It is terrifying to immagine that all the waiting would end up to be senceless.

    I don't know... maybe in your case I would alow the guy to meet other gals, but as long as it's up to "just sex", no love alowed!!! lol ^^ Well in my case I'm too jelouse and and too excited and too in love to share with anyone!!! *wicked laugh*

    Well I have had many short term relationships and I'm ok with them, as long as I don't really know it's short term. Till now, in all my relationships, I've always been sure that it won't be forever and that we won't marry and stuff, I'm ok with it. But it needs to be serious for that period... I won't have a "just sex" relationship, I don't like sex that much, but I know it's different with guys...

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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    not everyone can accept these type of short term relationship. can you? how would you react with it?
    i accept these types of short term relationship , if there is real love between the two sides the two sides will wait each other until one of the sides say no or say you don't have to wait for me because i don't want you to suffer ....

    if the love real and from the bottom of the heart that is mean that he will wait no matter what happen .... =^_^=
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    Re: Can You Accept Short Term Relationship? (why?)

    well. finally someone knew this relationship and was trying to stop it. me and him had a joke: "hey, lets break up. lol" i don't know whether he take it seriously or not with such sentence but i do feel some sad. and i ignore that. till now, the others tot we're break up, but only close friends knows. hrm... i think he still can't accept long distance relationship. is it because he's not confident on both of us? friends keep on telling me to set up this: as 'urlovelyassassin' says, if we're still single after i've done my studies, so lets work it out again. his reply was: if after 5 years, youre back, and you still love me, so i'll believe in in long distance relationship. heng! i really hope someone will prove it to him. thanks buddies....

    its not easy to find some you like and really care for you. i always think that he love me more and so he do think the same way. haiz...

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