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Thread: CellPhones

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    I just got my new Verizon Entice w766 today and I been reading some things about the use of cell phones online about long term use can cause tumors in your head, I gon't know if this true or not but I don't feel comfortable with cellphone near my hear because it gets sweaty there.

    That I got mine with a speaker phone no risk and that's why I guess they came out with bluetooths for them no risk, and now texting while driving is bad and risky habbit it will be banned I can't blame them , my advice is you your voice mail to answer for you like have your voice message say Hi I'm busy driving or busy at school please leave a message at the tone. and than call back later
    and speaking of cell phones ever wonder what happend to Chad ?

    well he lost his job at Alltel , because Alltel quit because they could'nt keep up with supplies and demand so far Cricket is doing very well.
    by the way what betwork do you have?

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    Re: CellPhones

    How exactly is this a debate topic?

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    Re: CellPhones

    Yes it is possibly true, cell phones emit radiation just like any other electrical device. If you are worried about tumors perhaps talk on speaker phone or get the radiation shielded devices.

    I talk to customers who have had their phone since 2000, and still no tumors for them. Or the people who never freaking shut up, calling in every month saying "I couldn't have went over my minutes". They unfortunately seem to be healthy.

    This was a long time ago, this lady called in to talk about her bill, and she got pulled over and was given a ticket for talking on the phone while driving. Then she wanted us to credit her account for the ticket she says it was our fault she called us while driving.

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    Re: CellPhones

    Everything causes cancer. If we all lived for a prolonged period of impossible time (like a few hundred years) we would all get it eventually. Even the sun causes cancer, but we don,t stop using the sun.

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