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Thread: childhood dreams

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    Re: childhood dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by ryomakurosaki View Post
    i know as children we all had dreams and we kept saying when i become older i will be _____. alright this post is asking what that dream was and has it changed now?

    As a child i always wanted to be a doctor!! i want to help people and help cure cancer. my dream has never changed and i don't think it will change as i grow older.

    -what was you're childhood dream?
    -has it changed and what has it changed too?
    Mine was and still is a singer. The people who have heard my voice say I'm great and tell me to go to talent shows and try to get someone whose somebody to hear me because i'll be making the big bucks then. I never and still don't want to become a singer because of the money and fame. I want to do it because it'll make people happy, they'll enjoy it.

    However, I've been told that i should be a poet, a writer, a vet... Me? i just want to help people, make them happy, even if it's only for a moment.
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    Re: childhood dreams

    My childhood dream...? I can't remember my first one but here's one of my dreams...

    I wanted to be a manga artist before. I always drew a lot of short anime comic strips and show them off to my big sis and my other younger sibs. Also to my mum. And the other dream I wanted to be was to become an astronaut. I guess, I was always curious with outer space and want answers on my questions cause my mum didn't know what to answer. One time she asked us sisters, what we wanted to be when we grow up. I answered I wanted to become an astronaut. They just laughed at me.

    But, it changed after two years. Cause, I think that I drawing is just a hobby and being astronaut is just, "Pheww........." to high for me. It changed into a pastry chef. My teacher once asked us what our ambition is, I wrote I want to live in France and manage a pastry restaurant and live a wonderful life with my family. And that my friends, is when I finished watching Yakitate Japan. But, being an artist still lies in my heart. Somewhere.

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    Re: childhood dreams

    i wanted to be a paleontologist.
    lol i wanted to be one because i was the only one in the class that knew that really long word. ahahahaha
    i like dinosaurs and the thought of spending my days in the desert.

    my dream changed now. my aim is being a photographer but at the same time, a lawyer. =]
    ahahaha or just be a waitress having fun.

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    Re: childhood dreams

    Well When I was a lit girl 3 or 4 years old I was a big my older brother's fan, I followed my brother to every where coz he was my idol.

    One day he and his friends were talkin(grow up coversation) and i was listen.

    they were talkin about the night before that day when they when to a Strip club and how he loved the way she(the stripper) danced just for him.

    well i were lit and i didnt know what a stripper was so i dicided to became a stripper just to my brother be proud of me... when i told him that he didnt like the idea but he didnt tell me why!!

    Now I know why!

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