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Thread: Childhood Dreams

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    Re: Childhood Dreams

    ..... but really, you'd have to be pretty friggin' lucky and amazingly charming to get that kind of life.
    I think having two young children kind of threw a wrench in those dreams too..
    Unless I could get Marry Poppins to float down here on her umbrella and be my nanny. Then I could EASILY have people putting pennies in my hat. LOL
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    Re: Childhood Dreams

    XD when i was little i were always write on the keyboard of my brother computer X3 when his computer is off and that becasue i were always play that i am a famous detective who is looking for bad men and stuff like that lol , i always wanted to be a detective to catch bad guys LOL , and when i were push the letters without knowing what they are i loved he sound that they made and from that time i hoped that i can someday write by them lol , i know it is a little dream for you guys , but it is really something big for me ^_^ , but it seem that i am not going to be a detective LOL ! ... =^_^=
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