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Thread: Christmas peeking

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    Re: Christmas peeking

    I remember seeing them when I was younger in the trunk of the car. Since I didn't have the car keys, there wasn't a chance to get a good look at them. I noticed them once or twice in the trunk while he changed a tire once and well, that also took care of the mystery of santa...which I did believe in till about...9 I think...or was it 8....bah...far away in my childhood.

    I have never known in advance a gift unless I'm told so beforehand or when people start asking me what I want. My sister was always good to get out of me what her gift was....damn strategic trick questions....
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    Re: Christmas peeking

    When I was younger I took a little peek, but not often. I did it maybe like two or three times. It's not like I rummaged around for it or anything, but I went into my parents room and saw the bags and stuff, and took a tiny little peek.

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    Re: Christmas peeking

    We do have a thread like this that is still active

    Please do not create threads that are already active.

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