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Thread: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Money... money... money *giggles* where to put you?

    I would probably invest most of it in my education, because if money can loose value, house can lose value, land can lose value, but my education won't probably, though wages can go down too ofcourse...

    Then I'd put some money in a bank to grow untill I need it.

    Maybe I'd buy some plane tickets... ^^ :P

    I don't think my life would change much.. unless because of that plane ticket. It's not like I'm getting that money every year so I could live posh (I wouldn't want anyways)...

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    It seems that most people want their money to grow more than spending them...

    oh well who wont be happy to see that sum of money? I mean one look at the "greens" made you saw heaven for a second... and a sniff to them makes you high xD

    but then again...it's sad thing about money..they come and go... :/ sheesh..

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Quote Originally Posted by kedar View Post
    ...now what?

    Greetings to AO members,

    Let us suppose that you were that lucky recipient, who has won herself/himself a cash prize that amounted to 10 million, say in US currency, dollars. Now then, what befalls that money? In what would you invest that money? How would you spend it? Would you allocate and contribute part of it to something? If so, what would that "something" be?!! Have we any ambitious philanthropists here? (You don't have to be painstakingly detailed. Just have fun with it!)

    Lastly, please attempt to address this question: How do you think your life would be different having won that money compared to when you were without it?

    Come now, lets get that money leaking, Richie Richies.
    Let me see . . . at least 10% automatically goes to the Church, 5% to various charities, then (of course) are the bills . . . The rest goes to the rest of my education (and my sister's). I would give my mother money to go back to university and get her doctorate.

    The rest would go into a scholarship fund for deserving students.

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    10 million dollars? can we convert it to any currency?
    change $10 mil into R70 mil !!! the money. ha ha
    well first off i would get my entire family out of debt and that would be about R 15 mil, then I would buy a big piece of land and build my dream house, three stories up and seven down. taking about 15 on that. the rest I would put into a really good company where I would have the majority share, but be a silent partner.
    get extra from that venture, I would take my hobbies to the next level, such as buy a store. for all the hobby people.
    other than that put some in a bank and live off the interest.

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    It seems that most people want their money to grow more than spending them...
    You don't get it. What we want is to spend MORE money.

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    I would be so happy if that happened to me!! I would get a big flat screen tv, a new car & some other stuff. Most of the money will be in the bank, so it won't get stolen.

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Alot of people have said they would be smart with it and invest wisely. I'd like to think I'd do the same, but realisticaly, I'd play a little with it, then a little more and eventualy it would probably lead to my ruination. Something stupid and pontless, like pile-driving my (insert model of ridiculously overpriced supercar here) in to a brige abutment at close to 200 mph.

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    If I was to win 10 millions dollars what would I do?

    Lets start off with this. I would pay all of my husbands "Bills" that still needed to be payed. Next I would go and buy a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom house. (Always wanted a big family.) Though with us being in the army or him actually we would move around. So I buy a couple of places and rent them out...thus gaining more money.

    I would go ahead and pay off my husbands car and get it fixed. (His designated driver was hit on one side but not badly. You would have to look closely at it but driving it back from Orlando someone slammed on their brakes as I was changing lanes and they hit the other side to where I don't want to drive his car.) I will pay off my car and get the bumper fixed. (Someone hit my car on my 18th birthday while it was parked in a parking lot and I was inside Busch Gardens celebrating.)

    I would finish paying of my mothers house and car for her seeing as how she had done so much for me in my life time. I would also pay for the operation she is fixing to undergo.

    Since I'm fixing to be moving I would go and buy furnishings for my new house. I would buy my husbands dogs that he wants and finish paying for my miniature Chihuahua Tinkerbell. I would finish getting everything ready for my husband and myself to have the big wedding we wanted but were forced to live with the small one we had with my parents and fly us out to England for a vacation.

    We would travel around Europe and Germany. My husband of course would want to pay off his moms place and her cars. He would actually try to get me to let her live with us and I would have to put my foot down on it. (Long story don't want to get into.) In the end I would take whatever is left and I would put it in a savings account. Though I'm not sure what will be left but also thinking about the rent that would be coming in that would make up for some of it.

    Though I forgot one thing. Since it is getting close to Christmas. I may not have 10 million dollars but if I had I would use it towards this. I know there are people over in Iraq without families or ones where they have no one that sends them things. I know this for a fact because every month I send things in the stuff I send with my husband and he hands them out to the people. So my thinking is with the 10 mil. or even with my 12,500. I would go get a small fake Christmas tree with ornaments and Christmas presents either it be movies, sweaters, blankets (it gets really cold my husband says)...etc. So if I by some chance get to win 10 million dollars it would help me get more things for the soldiers over there.
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