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Thread: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Well for me;

    I would give it all to my mom, hoping she'd know best what to do with it. I am not Good with money, but to say it went to me. I most likely just give it away. To much of anything makes my brain spin.

    I get tempted to do many things so its best I don't do anything with it.

    As for the money changing me?

    Nothing Changes me; I would need someone to die for a life Changing way, but for others changing around meh. I bet they would. Like I said. Whatever my mom has in store for it.

    P.S. Should use such big words Kedar. |[Pulls out Dictionary]|
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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Kya! Ten million USD? Awesome! I'd be splurging on Boys Love Games, manga, artbooks, drama CDs, and official fan magazines... After that, I'd help my parents pay off all their debts, maybe try to help my cousins in the Philippines... Also get a bigger house, and a pet too... A cat, maybe? Yes, a cat... Oh, and I'd buy costumes and outfits, too. Like Halo SPARTAN-II costumes, and black leatherized WWII-era German military uniforms without the Nazi armbands... Maybe a BMW sport tourer, I'd also get me one of those corvet quarters I'd been meaning to buy... The rest of the money, I'd just use for traveling. You know, Hawai'i, Germany, Caribbean, Spain, Africa, the deep seas... Maybe a trip to Mars.
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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!


    I'd pay off all my debts first, y'know, like my student loan, car loan, so-on. Than I'd guess I'd give my old man a million, so he can pay off his stuff...a million is more than enough. After that I'd send my sisters to college, a GOOD college. I learned first hand how hard it can get without a decent education...who would've guessed?lol. They're the type to slack off after a while so I'll give them something to work for, a million dollars for each of them when they graduate (hey, I'll make enough off the interest for the 4yrs they're there right?), the catch? They gots to be in the top 10% of the graduates. If they dont than maybe $250,00~$500,00 depends on their grades. They better not drop out. Xd

    After most of that stuff is taken care of than I'll donate a good chunk to charity. Y'know for medical researches and stuff like that. After that...I'm moving back to Japan. Buy a nice place not too far from Akibahara and enjoy my simple otaku life. Y'know, go out and buy all the stuff I missed or want. I'll stay in the workforce though, even I'd go crazy from not working (surprisingly)...possibly at a Gamers or Animate.XD From there I'll figure out the rest depending on what comes into my life.

    ~fun to dream aint it?

    ...oh, and maybe find my friend from high school which I "owe" a bit over a hundred dollars from lunch money I borrowed over the 4yrs in school. ^^;
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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    Quote Originally Posted by divine_punishment View Post
    Let me see . . . at least 10% automatically goes to the Church, 5% to various charities, then (of course) are the bills . . . The rest goes to the rest of my education (and my sister's). I would give my mother money to go back to university and get her doctorate.

    The rest would go into a scholarship fund for deserving students.
    wow... it'g going to be either you're really kind or that you don't really need that much money anymore... i admire your selflessness...

    hmm... as for me... i'd take half to the bank... that would be about 250,000,000 in my currency... yeah... and then, i would spend the other 250,000,000 for my family and me... perhaps get a better house, invest in a business (franchise 2 and start 1), and finish my education... yeah... that would be great...

    i'd also be the youngest millionaire in my country (rags-to-riches type of millionaire)... that would be cool... i'd have enough money to spend for my entire lifetime... that would already be a moderate lifee where i live... and that would only be half of what i won! that would be great! cool...

    *cling cling cling*
    back to reality...

    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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    Re: Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot!

    with 10 mill i would buy all the video games that i wanted. i would travil alot. i would probly give some to my sister. though my sisters kid a huge 16th birthday party when gets to that age. buy a car and move out of my parents house.

    Tanks zyta

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