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Thread: The country you'd like to live in.

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    Re: The country you'd like to live in.

    well, i would like to go back my country, VN. and i would like to travel to different country. so yes.
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    Re: The country you'd like to live in.

    Any country in Europe... Uk best or Germany and back home(Portugal) at weekends he he he he!!

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    Re: The country you'd like to live in.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolderOfTheDarkChalice View Post
    i would love to live in Tasmania because of the
    warm climate and different animals there and the culture
    there is really one of a kind and the life style is laid back
    just like me
    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy Rin View Post
    Tassie's actually a bit cold compared to the rest of Australia (being the furthest south and all that), so I'd suggest Queensland or NSW. I'm glad someone at least picked Australia - I was beginning to feel a bit neglected!

    I love Australia. Although I like the concept of Japan, England and maybe even Americe, there's no country I would rather live in.

    Yeah, Tassie is just a wee, bit cold. especially in winter XD. Like what Mandy Rin said, if your after the warm weather, QLD and NSW would do ^_^.

    I guess it depends how much hot weather you want and how much cold weather you want. Aust climate varies a bit, we got both snow and desert XD. If any one ever comes over here, save heaps and plan a long trip, there is just so much to see!

    As for my pick. Why would I pick any where else but Australia? I love everything about it! Particualarly the climate, how easy going we are and how "mateship" is an important part of our values. I do want to travel else where of course, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, but I'm quite happy living in good ol' Australia!

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    Re: The country you'd like to live in.

    I'd like to live in Italy. That way I could visit anicent Roman sites and Renaissance etc. From what I hear Greece is in an intense drought right now and is getting forest fires and whatnot...Otherwise it'd be the Greece Area.
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