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There's better ways for our country to conserve money than to take away from programs that are actually meant to help people who have problems with addiction.

Think about it this way, if you were unfortunate enough to become addicted to the stuff, would you want there to be places that can help you get your life back on track? And just in case people forgot, 'crackheads' are human beings too. They deserve some respect.
Sorry, I forgot about this thread. To answer your question:

I don't disrespect them, I just don't like them. My uncle is a crackhead and he used to get on me, when I was in high school, about me smokin' a little bit of weed. "Oh, but it's okay for you to smoke crack?" Ugh. So that's kinda where that dislike came from. But my problems aside, I used to be an addict--meth not crack--and I quit all on my own. No rehab, no government funding, no intervention... That was all me! I wouldn't have wanted a place to help me get clean, because most drug counselors are either on drugs or dealin' drugs!!

I kid you not! I know of a good half-a-dozen former drug counselors that either do it or sell it, and had been since they had their jobs.