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Thread: :crazy:Call of Duty MW2 trip out?:crazy:

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    :crazy:Call of Duty MW2 trip out?:crazy:

    All right so i finally bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on april 21, 2010. So i been siked about getting it since i could remember seeing the previews. So i played it as soon as American Idol came on because i didn't want to watch it with my family, so i played it till bout 7 p.m or 8 p.m. till 3 a.m. but i had a rugged night doing some 420 after party stuff. So after getting burnt out playing when i quit i went to bed for a good 3 hours till having to go to school, but the whole time i was dreaming it was about call of duty mw2, it was like i was a player in the game running around it was trippy. Then i got to school slept through the first and second period classes and all i could see was gun fire and everything else related to the game.

    Has anybody ever had an experience that made you seem like your are actually reliving a video game or anything related between these lines?

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    Re: :crazy:Call of Duty MW2 trip out?:crazy:

    no and if i was you id cut back on the herbs lmao but it sounds trippy MW2 is an amazing game.
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    Re: :crazy:Call of Duty MW2 trip out?:crazy:

    I have little doubt some of us have dreamt about being in a video game. Or at least in the story of a video game. Same goes for other fiction like books, films, series, anime, manga etc.

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    Re: :crazy:Call of Duty MW2 trip out?:crazy:

    wow trip out um i have experienced that but it was a natural high cus i played online for about twenty some hours with a couple friends ..... crazy
    all in all tho mondern Warfare two is kick ass

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