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Thread: Creative ideas!

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    Creative ideas!

    I'm doing a final assignment for my art classes and he said that we have free reign in doing any thing we want. I picked Photoshop with photography. Right now i'm going to Toronto down town city to take pictures.

    What kind of creative work should i go with? Any ideas?!

    On the side note, i havn't came here for over a year. Hopefully i can possibly correct that.

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    Re: Creative ideas!

    Hey there, Oldmagic. ^_^ Been a while since I saw you here at AO! But, I am sorry, this is more like a personal topic, so I would advice you to make a blog entry. There, people might be able to offer you with some ideas.


    P.S. If any mobs feel like this should be re-opened, please do so. Thank you. ^^

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