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Thread: Crush

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    Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? What made this character appealing to you? Was this your first crush?
    If your first crush is a real person what about this person swept you off your feet? How old were you?

    My first crush was Spiderman. I liked that he could go from talking about his personal problems one moment to cracking jokes the next. I found his quixotic streak endearing for some strange reason. I was 8 when I had a crush on him.

    I also had a crush on Ryu and Ken in Streetfighter cause they are so athletic. I was 16.

    I have a crush on some AO members but don't know them too well. One turned out to be the same gender as me so moved on. AO members are really smart. I learn a lot reading here.

    Now I have a crushes on the Ragnarok characters since they dress well and are up to fun and adventure.

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    Re: Crush

    For me...I've had so many crushes I can't remember! One I do remember is Misty from pokemon! I was 12-15...I can't remember how old I was but I know I was around those ages! I liked her because she had an attitude that I just found attractive and she was so darn cute! I haven't met anyone around where I live that I've been interested in I guess...I've met a few people on AO that I've been interested in and one that I've fallen in love with. Of course I'm not telling...for my own safety!

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    Re: Crush

    Well, i wouldn't say "crush" exactly because its hard for me to feel genuine love for a fictional character, but i certainly fanboyed on Aieka of the Tenchi series!

    I'm still unsure why, but i always did like her hairstyle and the way she spoke. Plus the royalty thing was always a nice touch.
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    Re: Crush

    Fictional crushes... Only two come to mind. One of which was Rai from Evangelian. Why I liked her was do to the fact we had very similar personalities at the time when I was 15. But Melphina I always liked the most. She was cute, nice, and smart. I had a crush on her for a very long time but not any more, but I still like her a lot though.

    As for real flesh and blood there was really only one and that one was my first girlfriend. We had a very and extremely passionate relationship. No joke it was something out of a romance novel. We were together for 2 years, even though it was long distance relationship but we saw each other as often as we could and I was about to propose to her but shit hit the fan do to out side forces which lead to her and I very fearful of what the out come would be. But sense it’s very hard to discuss this part of my past, so let’s just say she made several poor choices and she now extremely hates her self for and deeply regrets and didn’t think it was right to put me through any more heart ach... But I have no regrets being with her and will always hold a spot in my heart.

    As for AO members, just one, but like my last relationship it was a long distance one and hated and feared the thought of going through the same thing my ex and I went through as I didn’t believe it was fare for her so we agreed to end it. We are still very good friends... But I vowed I would not do another long distance relationship. My heart just can’t handle it.

    As for right now I don’t have any one. I have met a few girls here who I really like because of who they are but no desire to pursue a relationship with because they are too far and or to young, and those two reasons are very big no no's for me.
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    Re: Crush

    Man, I had to have been like 11 or 12 when Interview with the Vampire came out... And I loved me some Brad Pitt. And at the time Brad Pitt was no where near as popular as his old butt is now.

    And I dunno if I've had any REAL crushes on AO members (aside from my son's father) ... I have found several to be quite appealing. But unless you really delve deep and have a bunch of 1 on 1 conversations... you are only getting such small snippets of who these people are when they post here. Closest I've come was really digging on members through their poetry and writing skills. Or the irony when someone else has written something that seems surreally connected to what I am going through.

    My first real life crush... was indeed my sons father (before he was my sons father obviously). And when it started out I don't even think he cared much that I exsisted. Now I have a little crush on a new someone, and I don't think this person cares I exsist either.... But, can't stop me from havig my little fixations. I can be pretty persistant when I think I've found what I want.
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    Re: Crush

    imari from king of fighters, and arlucard from hellsing, and yokorama from YuYu hakuso.
    i dont know why but i have the bad boy complex and i still have it in real life as well.

    now ive seemed to move on to final fantasy charaters like Reno, just because he reminds me of my ex, and hes just got that personality

    I dont have any on AO members, because i dont know many that well. it would be ackward, and weird for awhile.

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    Re: Crush

    hmm.. well i have to say i did have a crush on Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion..... probbably because i was depressed at the time... still am.... but not as much... and the second reason was her red eyes.. i love them

    Thx allot AO 4 makeing me resize this....i'm being sarcastic......

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    Re: Crush

    Me... it was Sakura and Maddison from cardcaptor. Didnt know why, just thought that they were cute. As for real people its was a few of the girls from school
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