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Thread: dating

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    Re: dating

    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Dhabi View Post
    if you don't want to hang out with them, then i doubt they'd make good boyfriend material. i suggest you re-evaluate what you look for in males and where you find them. there are a lot of great guys out there, but they slip under the radar becuz girls are looking in different directions. try to give new types of guys a chance...

    maybe talk to the quiet guy? ^_^ that worked for me~! and we've been together for three years! but that's besides the point...

    just saying, the best guys come from where you least expect, so open your mind a little more and stuff like that...
    thanks Abu Dhabi i think urs was the best tip yet. im always lookin at the guys who are out there. maybe the quiet ones are the ones for me.

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    Re: dating

    I have no advice for you but to be yourself, really. Of course, that doesn't mean that if you're impatient you should continue being impatient and hot-tempered. I think people in a relationship should be able to bring out the best in each other, and tolerate each other as well. I mean, if you really care for him/her, you'll want him/her to be a better person, no? You look out for both yourself AND your partner.

    So yeah. No faking it either. After all, there is only so long you can last not being yourself.

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