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Thread: The dating game-how did you meet?

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    The dating game-how did you meet?

    There are a lot of discussions on dating on AO right now. So I'm curious, How did you meet your current love? what was the most unusual way that you met a boy/girlfriend and are you still together?

    Since I asked the questions, I'll give my answer too. I met my second husband through a friend of mine at Thanksgiving Dinner. I was divorced and so was he (no they weren't trying to fix us up-he was dating someone). My van needed a new water pump and he was a mechanic so he offered to fix my van if i got the part. He spent 4 hrs(I had to "help" so he didn't charge for repair time) trying to talk me into having a date with him. He convinced me that in the first hour that the girl he was seeing was JUST a friend. I decided to see how long he would try to convince me to go out with him. After 4 hrs. we we're cleaning up the tools and he said that if there was anything I wanted to do just let him know. I looked at him straight faced and said "Have a date?" Poor guy had to pick his jaw up off the floor. We had our first date several days later, wound up spending 13 yrs together(9 married). No we are no longer together. He decided that he needed other companions.

    That's my story. What's yours?

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    I met my boyfriend at a youth camp a year ago. he was all alone so, I walked up to him and said, "So... are you alone?" and he nodded. so I said, "You wanna join my group of friends?" and he was all, "Sure!!" and so I introduced him to all my friedns and we got to talking and he turned out really REALLY cool. so, yeah. that's it. ^ ^
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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    WELL, I met mine through a friend. I looked at her. I was all "She is....hot". So yeah, she was with my friend, after that day her and I just hung out. She became like a REALLY close friend. Within half a year of knowing each other we started to call each other brother and sister. I would say "I love you brotherly" as a cover up for "I love you...like...seriously". She would say "I love you sisterly" as a cover up as well (As I found out later). Basically after a year of knowing each other...we were sitting I said "There is someone I like". So she thought I liked someone else and she just yelled "Shane, I Effing Love You". And yeah...we dated, THEN she moved...broke up. Recently she told me she still has feelings for me, and conviently I'm going to a college near her...so yeah.

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Not really a debate topic... Moving to the Cyberlounge...
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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    ^_^ through a wonderfully amzing twist and turns of events...

    some wonderful, some painful, some funny, some sad...

    he's the best in the everything...


    (but to seriously answer your question, we met through mutual friends and began talking through letters. pages and pages of letters!! one thing lead to another, and here we are together 4 years later~! yeah, he's great *^-^*)

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    i met my fiance on the mmorpg i play, anarchy online. we've known each other on there for about 2.5 years before we started dating. we became so very close that i decided to move a thousand miles away from everything i knew to be with him, and now we're engaged. =^.^=

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    Me? Well i met my gf, umm, well i know it was at school, same class and all. But as to how it happen... well i can't really say. It just happened. It's just one of those things that just happen for me. Didn't meet anywhere special and i got no idea how it ended up with me going out with her.

    But i can't say that i'm not enjoying it, cause i am. lol. Strange how these random things happen.

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    hum... I met my current boyfriend on a Bible study class 3 years ago. He became a family friend and he spent almost everyday in my house. We have a band so he joined. 3 years after that we begun to see each other in a different way... and here we are now... dating ^_^
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