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Thread: The dating game-how did you meet?

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    Well I met my gf right here on AO, lol. We knew each other for quite along time, and she was like my very first friend. And we just started going out a couple weeks ago and I love her dearly.

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    OK well, I met my wonderful boyfriend here on AO three years ago this summer. I noticed one reply to a thread in the vault - Your Dream Date. Since then, we talked constantly over PM's for months and then IM when he was bored at school etc. We talked about anything from Christian music to hobbies. All the things you talk about when you meet a new friend.

    Then it was till about almost 20 months ago, that we started dating. Being best friends for about a year, we had helped each other through a lot and supported each other. Until I told him I really fancied him and said he felt the same. It was a natural progression, we are really close and we always want to support each other and we knew where we stood so it was just obvious to us and everyone else around us to stop flirting and just start dating. I haven't and won't look back. I love my boyfriend sooooooooo much that we are going to live together and get married.
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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    Well how I met my current love......well when I first came to AO I guess he was one of the people to welcome me in the welcoming section of the forum.....but we talked but he was dating someone at the time but the broke up and I was found to be his next current love interest you could say but then I was dating someone who I eventually ended it with him then like a few weeks later we ended up together and we are as happy as can be.... we both love each and just we make each other so happy......man I just love him to pieces.

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    daaaaaaaaaah i dont have a bf an still not married cuz im only 15
    but thnx 4 askin in any way
    keep smilling it makes ppl wonder wht ur up to

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    Re: The dating game-how did you meet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghattenpaw View Post
    There are a lot of discussions on dating on AO right now. So I'm curious, How did you meet your current love? what was the most unusual way that you met a boy/girlfriend and are you still together?

    Since I asked the questions, I'll give my answer too. I met my second husband through a friend of mine at Thanksgiving Dinner. I was divorced and so was he (no they weren't trying to fix us up-he was dating someone). My van needed a new water pump and he was a mechanic so he offered to fix my van if i got the part. He spent 4 hrs(I had to "help" so he didn't charge for repair time) trying to talk me into having a date with him. He convinced me that in the first hour that the girl he was seeing was JUST a friend. I decided to see how long he would try to convince me to go out with him. After 4 hrs. we we're cleaning up the tools and he said that if there was anything I wanted to do just let him know. I looked at him straight faced and said "Have a date?" Poor guy had to pick his jaw up off the floor. We had our first date several days later, wound up spending 13 yrs together(9 married). No we are no longer together. He decided that he needed other companions.

    That's my story. What's yours?
    Wow. That sucks.

    I've never had a date, but I'm looking forward to having one

    And when I do go on one, I want it to be comfortable, fun, romantic and relaxing.

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