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Thread: day or night

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    day or night

    ok people just trying to decide on some thing is being nocturnl better then being like a day time person or the other way around? i personaly like the night life there more wild people out there but idk bout the day time wat every 1 think
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    Re: day or night

    i generally like the night not because of the wild people and the night life... i like it because of the peace and the starlit, cloudless sky...

    plus it is normally better to ond and hang with friends when the sun has already set... i don't really know abou the others... but i'm basing this on emotion and affinity to intimate and reasonable chats.
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    Re: day or night

    I prefer the night. That is when there is no one up, and it is nice and quiet. Also, the 3vil sun is not up at that time. (It burnses us [not really]) Plus, you get to see both the sunrise and the sunset. No traffic, no waiting for anything. I like my job...

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    Re: day or night

    AHH, me, hands down night, i just love the darkness, see, its cold and less people are awake, that you can almost hear the noise of silence, its perfect, so night XD

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    Re: day or night

    I pick the Night. Various Reasons:

    1. My crush is On during night. lol
    2. Nothing's good during morning on TV.
    3. It's cold during night time. lol I hate being hot. No, not the other one.
    4. Everyone's asleep. I can do anything I want.
    5. I can see the stars.

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