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Thread: dealing with dyslexia...

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    Re: dealing with dyslexia...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazuka View Post
    I don't think I'm dyslexic but I'm quite certain I have a speech disorder. I've never gone to get it checked out but I have a horrible time trying to say what I mean and I often have run on sentences.(like that one!) I often squish what I'm saying together and it causes me to stumble around my words sometimes.
    Oh Dear Lord! I know what you mean, I have the same problem too with my language, I mean when it comes to speak or write in Portuguese well I have some kind of disorder since I was little I'm slow reader and I mixed up words.
    When my father did find out he put me at a music's school where beside of my piano lessons I starded learn how to sing and training my own way to speak...
    the funny thing is, it helped me to make friends(I mean ppl like me lol) but nothing more because my disorder remaind but, when it cames to speak in Spanish, Italian, and Enlish It looks like I have not disorder at all, but the same happens with French and Japanese LOL

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    Re: dealing with dyslexia...

    I am a dyslexic. I was diagnosed in first grade at the age of seven, I am now 43(in two weeks) I have learned to live with it very well. If I write letters I use a dictionary to check my spelling. On the computer I use spellcheck (which I highly recommend) I read all the time. Having a disability isn't about what everyone around you makes of it, It's about what you make of it.

    Having a learning disability doesn't mean your stupid, it just means you brain is wired differently for processing information. Most people with learning disabilities are rather intelligent.

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