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Thread: Death on 2012

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    Exclamation Re: Death on 2012

    Well I hear about this, they said 'cause of the mayan calender or something like that but I belive that all this is wrong (well there is no going to be a end of the world on 2012).

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    Re: Death on 2012

    well Nostradamus made very correct predictions in the past ... see he predicted that human can fly wearing strange masks as he described as i remember (pilots now) and that was right ... well for the end of the world at 2012 i don't know but don't believe it .. i mean the world might end up at any second if God wanted to ...
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    Re: Death on 2012

    these romors i heard in 1998 too when a guy had a vision that earth would ended in 2000, so guess what we're pretty much alive, i dont give much atention to these guys, coz they dont have much to do!! I do!! so i wont waitin... loooooo!!

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    Re: Death on 2012

    Ahhh the good ol 23 theory. Im sure guys know of iT the myans predicted the world to end in on december 12 2012 because it all equals 23. Alot of the things in life equal 23 if you look closely in fact look at your keyboard. look at the Letter W closely. It has 2 points down and 3 points up then look what is directly above W. 23 of course. its odd but i dont belive in the world ending. Im chirstian......
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    Re: Death on 2012

    So untrue. Why with our modern technologies these days, it couldn't possibly be true. I am trying to help the earth from global warming just like many people. A video i watched didn't state the Calendars were always and every time right. Many people are studiying to help our planet, and that is good. So no, i dont believe.
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    Re: Death on 2012

    In all truth and honesty, no. There have been so many predictions on when the Earth is going to end that I don't even pay attention anymore. If the world is going to end then it is going to end. If it's not then it's not. I'd rather live my life to the fullest without worrying which day is going to be my last. As for the prediction coming from Nostradamus, I don't have faith in his predictions because most of his predictions are very vague and could be referring to a variety of things.

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    Re: Death on 2012

    Well when 2013 rolls around I'll be starting a thread saying that were all still alive. I can't see how you can follow the predictions of a mortal no different than yourself on when the world will end. If this was how things worked then you should all fear me cause I could predict that it would end at any time.
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    Re: Death on 2012

    me..wel i really don't know... cause it could or could not...its really all up to whoever...
    i choose to say that it could end but you want the world to end...why are talking about this???

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