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Thread: Definition of You

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    Definition of You

    Since the beginning of time man has tried to answer seemingly simple but hard to answer questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What defines my existence?

    My question to you guys is this. What do you believe defines you as a person? Is it your mind, beliefs, family, friends, actions, or life story? Perhaps a combination of these and some I haven’t mentioned. Can something like our existence even be defined? Also, don't forget to explain why you believe what you believe. I hate one sentenced responses.

    This is my take on it. You are you from the day you were born. The things we experience in our lives and the people we meet are a small aspect of ourselves in the end. Is there really a way to define yourself? In my opinion, no. There are no words, actions, or events that can truly define the human soul. If you are on the mission to find yourself, than I think you are on an endless journey because when you try to find yourself through what you think or experience than I don’t think you will ever be satisfied with what you find. You will just keep on searching.

    So what do you guys think?
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    Re: Definition of You

    This is a really good question ya know?
    Well for me what defines me is: my experience, my mind, my family and the society.

    Experience: my character has been slowly been formed through the hardships and the good things of life. I have learned howto deal with people by seeing other's mistakes as well of me making my own mistakes. My character and personality has molded slowly with experience. I am not fully all knowing and I will never be. Everyday I am in constant learning and this is for the rest of my life.

    My mind: I would better say: "The set of Ideas I have." Part of me reacts because the beliefs, thoughts and perspective. The way I see and perceive things defines -most of the time- how I am going to react about certain issue, good or bad.

    Family: it is the first contact as a human being that I had (and I am sure must of us had) from them I learned the very first things of my life. Later on, when I was able to think for myself then I classify... but til then... they were "the law"... if that makes sense.

    Society: in general society goes along with experience... without society there is no experience.

    and for my definition: I am an agressive person, not violent, but agressive. That's my personality. From there I can say: I put everything I have into something I take seriously. Something I don't care much about I don't give a crap. So... pretty much I like to give from me 150% everytime that I care and want to do something... if not I would just give a 90% as much....
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    Re: Definition of You

    For me, well is to see the world in a different way from everyone standard view on things, and every little thing in life effects what path i take in life and this define me as who i am.

    Experience: as for Experience i would do thing the hard way while others would do it the easy way as they are lazy

    Family: family is family although i not going to start a family

    mind: as for mind, ut is a state of mental power or at a iq level one person have or posses on a lifetime

    trying to find my existance in this world is meaningless unless it really means somthing
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    Re: Definition of You

    I like this topic, I can rant on how much I suck. Yay, this should take some steam off me. However, how you define yourself is totally up to your own point of view. Like I'm going to be stating qualities of me that...well make me me. What people notice of me that go "Oh, it's Shane alright."

    What makes me...well me, is quite a few things. One is my HUGE hatred for...damn near everything. Where does this hate come from? Well, digust of human nature, instinct, perhaps jealously (Mainly jealousy because I see other people happy too often or in a successful relationship, however I'm working on being apatheic on that...I need to NOT care). Honestly I am know for my seeminly endless anger taht I always lock up and let build and let off oh so often (Which when I do, oh man it's QUITE a sight...last time I well kind of hurt the girl I like. That sucked, but I made it up). So the first thing is my hate and anger.

    The next thing make me, me is...I'd have to say my outlook on things. Negative, negativity is to me, realistic. Life sucks, life takes no consideration into who is living it, so it jsut goes "whatever". And usually people/things taht go "whatever" tend to suck.

    Another thing making me is my lack of self respect. Honestly I'm shameless. I'm that guy who'd be a perfect canidate for Jackass. If you have a camera, and a funny idea. Chances are, I'll do it. Hell, we're talking about me taking Acid just to see what I'd be like (but I'm being discouraged by A LOT of people).

    Whatelse, oh! My belief, here is me basically: Nihilistic Self-loathing Misanthropy
    Note: Though self-loathing I lack the ability to really harm myself, however, due to masochism I openly accept any pain done to me, well physically. By another.

    Also my sense of humor, which of course. Incorperates Black Comedy. Not very original I know, still it's me. Like I love joking about people dying, etc.

    Yeah...that basically is what makes me, me. However, I'm sure I share these qualities with another, still they way *I* specifically do it, is how it's me.

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    Re: Definition of You

    if you want to find these answers meditate on them and they will be revealed to you
    but i think that it says to put your life story

    most of my memories from 3-10 are missing and they occansinally float to the top then dissapear. my memories are still messed up now. when i was 2 my bio father left me and my full bro erik lee sharp befor he was born. then my mom found a new dad for me. we have lived through harder times than most people because they were addicted to crack. even during all my memory losses i can vagely remember anything about it. when i was 7-8 my grandma died and i went into a dark place within my own mind because she was the most important person in my life. 6-7 years after i am slowly coming out but i still retain my distrust and most of my darker qualitys. during this stage i got a skill to be able to think of hundreds of ways to kill and torture people. and that brings us to now.

    my past is the reason i am kinda insane and it DOES affect how i write and draw
    fear me
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    Re: Definition of You

    The things that define me...wow...I have to say that this is a pretty hard question...
    Experience - I know that even know that I feel like I have seen a lot of things and went through a lot of hardships in my life...I still have a lot and lot of left...life likes to play a lot of tricks and the most important thing to remember is to stay ahead of them and not to get sucked into them very deeply
    Family - I do not think that my family has anything to do with the things that define me...I understand that they raised me to their very best experience but that does not mean that I am going to turn out like them
    Mind - this is very important to me. My mind is definitely what separates me from the person next to me. I tend to take my time and not rush into making decisions...I tend to be very logical and practical and education is very important to me also because the more I know the better I am going to be in the future

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    Re: Definition of You

    Mines would be hooligan:= refers to unruly and destructive behavior. Such behavior is commonly associated with sports fans, particularly supporters of professional football and university sports. In some countries, the hooligan elements of a group of supporters are known as Category C. The term can also apply to general rowdy behavior and vandalism, often under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I love to street race and shit like that

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    Re: Definition of You

    Experience-I know a lot of things and I have been there done that in a sense when it comes to things like depression and suicide.
    Family-Even though I do dislike my mother she has shaped me into what I don't want to be. Something like her. My dad has shaped me to be somewhere in between too extremities, my mom and my dad. And I'm very grateful for both..
    Mind-My mind is something that I love dearly. Without it I wouldn't be able to think or make decisions. I wouldn't have crazy insane story ideas and I wouldn't be able to come up with cool and amazing characters. Without it I would be an empty shell.
    Personality-I'm surprised no one has mentioned their personalities. My personality is in a sense what defines me. I matters more to me than any of the things I have mentioned. I am weird, funny, cute, happy, hyper, and the list goes on.
    Friends-My friends have shaped me to who I am in the weirdest of ways. They have given me the hope and light for me to survive for me to be myself and they have given me inspiration.

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