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Thread: Deja Vu

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    Re: Deja Vu

    My dejavu's always comes in 3s...

    It took me all my life to finally realize that.

    All my dejavus have come in 3s... they always happen thrice.

    And it's random. Some are from LONG ago (we're talking years), some were from NOT SO LONG ago (we're talking minutes)...

    The strange thing is, no one remembers it... I always tell them "wait! We did this before!"... then the most they'd say is "that's cool"...

    ...and I'm sure it has happened before. Like 99%... after the 2nd time it happens, I'm SURE it has happened before. By the 3rd time, I just cut off what I'm SUPPOSED TO DO NEXT and just say "This has happened before..." instead of waiting til the end to say it.

    Does it mean anything? Hmmm... nothing important to me.

    If it's anything spiritual of the sort, you're asking the wrong guy. Other people maybe, but definitely not me. I may consider that it may have reasons, but for me, it's just a dejavu, nothing too great.

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    Re: Deja Vu

    well to be honest a barely never get deja vu. but when i do get it, i get it strongly. it never just a feeling i get when it like "i've know i've done this before"..

    its like this; i'm in a middle of a conversation, then all of a sudden i get that uncomfortable feeling. but straight after that feeling i get an image inside my eyes, from the exact point of view to where i was already standing. it like a vision from a past dream or something but its never afterward for some reason, its always when i'm actually doin it.

    but the strangest and weirdest one would have to be when i was a kid. i was just playing around with a blown up balloon, just hitting it up in the air. then i got this strong vision (from a past dream), except in this one i was still playing around with the balloon and watching the vision like a movie or something.. i was like seeing the vision at the same time as watching it actually happen, but the vision was like 5 secs a head of what i was doin. afterwards i was in complete shock thinking "did that just actually happen?". i was a little freaked out and thought there was something wrong with me..

    but i guess i'm glade that its only ever happen twice for me in my entire life.... but every now and then i get the same but really weak feeling, but i just shrug it off.

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