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Thread: Do you get along better with your father or your mother?

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    Re: Do you get along better with your father or your mother?

    I would have to say i get along best with my mother.At least she has been there for me when i have need her unlike my father.My father......eh i have not talked to him in years i don't want to have any thing to do with him and he doesn't want anything to do with me.So pretty much i hate him since he never even tried to be a farther figure in my life...
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    Re: Do you get along better with your father or your mother?

    I don't really know who I get along better, there are different things I can talk about with them and do around with them.
    My dad is very calm and mostly optimistic so it's easy just to be around him every day, but I can't really talk to him about stuff (duh!). He is also nice with that that he always allows me everything- all parties and stuff, he buys me stuff easily and so on, but then again my mum is so strict that I better ask her first (my dad won't stand up for me too )
    On the contrast, my mum is very strict and very moody (I think I'm more into her too >.<), she doesn't easily allow me to do stuff, doesn't easily give me money and gets mad at me for any little thing. But, on the other hand, I can talk to her about a lot of things and she also reacts better to my boyfriends and things like that (which I at first found hard to beleive in)...
    So you can't really say which I cope with better, I love them both ^^ lol

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    Re: Do you get along better with your father or your mother?

    mam like my friend and more i have fun with my mam and i love her very much i feel conformable with her and she always give me the power and support ^_^ and i love being with her and we have a lovely contact ...

    dad there is some limit with him but i love him for his rules he always tell me stores of him and his friends or family ... and he tell the stories in different way from others ... he is so kind ...

    and the point that i love being with two of them that mean 50&#37;with mam and 50% with dad .... =^_^=
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