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Thread: Do You Hate Yourself?

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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    no i dont
    but i have to say that everyone has at some point.
    like when i was little and my parents were getting a divorce i had always thought
    that it was my fault so i hates myself
    i know now that it wasn't so i dont hate myself
    but i do hate some things i may do now and then.

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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    No, why would I hate myself?? It makes no sense. Sure, I don't look into the mirror and feel big but at the same time I would never hate myself. But i'm just glad you figured that you had gas and weren't really angry at yourself.

    I'm pretty sure most of us have something we dislike about ourselves, but hate is a pretty strong word.

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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    some of the moments in my life make me hate myself but life is not always about sadness and tears its also about hapiness. i might hate myself one day but the other, well i love being me. thats part of life u know...
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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    i believe that people don't usually hate all themselves, they only hate part of their personalities only because they can't do things the way they want to...
    somehow that's what force people to change, i mean if you don't like something you will throw it away or trasform it in something acceptable... it's not easy but that's what growing up is about... if people really hate themselves there might be a lot more suicides ...

    for me i must say that i hate myself depending on the day... one day might love myself and other days i simply want to see myself death (not that i will kill myself) it´s just how i realise certain things that i fell confortable or not about myself
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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    I've been ta where some of the ppl who posted in this thread have been, that deep dark place in ur soul. A place where one feels no hope and that one has no importance in this world, but quite the exact opposite is true. As long as u r alive... u have importance. It may take longer for some ta realise that, but it's true. Whenever I'm feelin' a little melancholy, I get up and go ta a mirror, take a good long look at myself, and say; "Believe in urself; if in nothin' else."

    One has ta believe in one's self, for if one doesn'; then who else will.
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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    Well I love me. Like, more than a friend. I hate the stupid shit I do or say at times but I think I've got things pretty good for right now. If you hate yourself, wallowing in despair ain't going to help, make yourself yourself...I didn't say I knew how. I always look to good friends for reassurance, people remind me just how good I've got it.

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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    I LOVE BEING ME!!!! The reason I love being me, is because if I were to act like everyone else, my life would be so dull, I noticed thouse who tend not to get noticed, I befriend thoughs who have no friends, and I am kind to everyone, I enjoy being me because I would not be me if I did not.
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    Re: Do You Hate Yourself?

    I hate myself sometimes.b/c of the things that i do..I always end up hurting ppl close and dear to me-_- (i'm surpised that I still have friends.) ..Recently I had done something terrible to someon I care for so much..and I feel so bad about it..even though the person has forgiven still bothers me inside cuz i'm just jerk at times..I have to pray to god to help me through this..(praying to the guy upstairs helps me)..True ,i shouldn't say ..I hate myself..b/c I feel like i'm a good kid at heart..but always it turns out's just I hate the fact that I can't stop things before it turns bad..-_-

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