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Thread: Do you have any Animals?

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    Re: Do you have any Animals?

    Quote Originally Posted by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy View Post
    I have three dogs im a dog lover
    My first dog's name is Bradley (its a girl dont ask me where i got that name from please)
    And i have two other dogs which are bradley's kids
    one's name is precious and the oth's name is Katamari
    They are my babies.
    They mean the world to me.
    Aww~ Their so cute and I know what you mean, my dog and cat's mean the world to me and my Mum, I like the name mostly because I have a few cat's that have boy names and some of the boy cat's have girl names.

    I also love it that you named one of them Katamari, I have never played that game but I so badly want to. x3

    Their all so cuuuuttteee~ You take very good care of them
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    Re: Do you have any Animals?

    I, or, to be straight, my sister has a bunny!!! ^^ It is very cute and interesting and fun. We love him very much, sometimes play with him... though mostly it's fun just to watch him jump and run around the room ^^ It's soooo cute!!!

    We have a problem with him too... he likes to eat stuff... He has destroyed most of my earphones and he almsot ate our mobile phone charger wire and my computer charger wire is also all with bite marks &#172;.&#172; And right now... he has started to eat the leather sofa in our living room!!! And it's not ours! (It came with the house we rented) It's just mad with him >.<

    Before this we had had a dog and five cats >.< All the cats ran away and the dog died of old age oh well...

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    Re: Do you have any Animals?

    I have two cats and Two dogs I don't like cats but my dogs are a pitbull/boxer and a rotweiler/blacklab and I love my dogs very much.

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