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Thread: Do you wish you were rich?

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    I wouldn't want to be rich, I'd rather live comfortably without all the usless crap that being rich offers you. For example, I don't think I need an Olympic sized pool or a bowling alley in my house.

    Quote Originally Posted by dark angel swordsman View Post
    By most people's standards, I'd have to say that "rich" is somewhere in the range of One Million or higher. But that'd be my opinion. It's different for every person.
    Let's say you quit your job and you're only surviving on this one million. If you don't buy a new house, and just using it to pay for rent.. without investing it in any way:
    You're spending $2,500 a month. That should last 33 years.

    However, most people will put it in savings, earning a buttload of interest, tripling the amount of money in 30 years(depending on that interest).

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    no i dont want to be rich.
    I have to say i would just like to be apart of the middle class of america. that would be fine for me.
    i dont need money to make me happy.
    I would just like to be able to have a good life. thats all that matters to me not money.

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    I dont want to be rich, but I want to be financially well off. As long as my family and I do not have to worry about minor financial disasters and some major ones I'll be good enough. To say you don't want to be rich in today's day and age is kinda dumb. Everything requires money: food, transportation, internet, bills.

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    There are certain times in my life where I wish I could have a few million dollars, or even a million dollars. Though I'd most likely spend half of it in the initial years of my youth (I'm only 22), I imagine I could make an investment.

    What I really would wish for is enough money to pay off my debt for now and allow me to travel the country, and then the world with my photographic equipment, capturing the cultures and the landscape. I love nature. I just wish I could afford to play in it more often. I can't believe you can't go to a national park these days without paying $10.00 to park your car for a few hours.

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    Naah... I wouldn't wish I was really rich. I want to have enough money to live, without care, but just that much- no big houses, expensive cars and terrible, expensive looking clothing.

    Rich also means that people pay attention to each of your mistakes, that you have to be careful on streets because people just might decide to "borrow" some- you can never feel safe... And you don't have anything to crave for, to work for. Life would be really boring like that... No thank you I want to just be able to live with no care and be happy.

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    meh..sometimes..but personally I wouldn't wont to be rich ..(maybe for one day ..just to how it) but forever no .no amount of money can make u happy..I see this but tv and books ..O.o marries last,always busy adn never spent time with family ,,and basically ur life is really misreable when everbody thinks that it's the good life when really it's not. .I rather have a normal life with a dencent amount of money ..^.^ ..
    but i do like to shop alot ..^_^ so money would be good (temp)..

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    Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    Pssh, the way I shop the money would run out in a matter of minutes. ^_^ Yea. . . I have a shopping problem. . . But yea, I guess I waste a lot of money, but that's why I work. . .
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    Lightbulb Re: Do you wish you were rich?

    Quote Originally Posted by Manga artist View Post
    Arugh!!! I wish I was rich, so I get my own place,
    But no I stuck here with my sister helper her out with rent and the bad part of it all ,is I have put up with her idot of son who stems makes noise cries like 2 year old baby of every little thing and and throws things in the houseand eats endlessly leaving nothing for anyone else to eat.
    my sister says he got fricken disorder that starts with A or an O
    what ever it is it's very very annoying..
    No, I don't wish to be rich.

    I love being middle class-ish. I don't care if I don't get most of the things I want because I am already rich, I have my Mum and friends and that's all that matters to me. ^^

    Also that's how my niece is, well she's really bad but she NEVER eats! All she ever really gets in her stomach is milk.. Which that is fine but she needs her iron and as such, she hardly ever eats meat.

    The only other thing that she will eat is my ramen when I'm about to eat it. D:

    Hey! Maybe we should get the two to marry! Then we won't ever have to mess with them again! XD
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