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ok heres somthing u wont belive
i dont live there tho k.............my mum ect told me the same story so its got to be true

well my great ganda
honts this house my uncil lived in and when he was sick and dieing
my great ganda put him up on the walls tookhim out of the bed hit him ect
and my ganda had to stay in the room the whole time he even saw it.....

belive if u want im not gonna make u
This reminded me about a story that my grandfather told me.
There is a monument of some kind in Salaspils (not far from my village),not far from there there is a graveyard.
So, once, as we were going pass this monument, my grandfather told me a story about what had happened there with him. Once, when still youngh, my grandfather went by that monument, it was a misty evening and suddenly my grandpa saw a mans figure next to the road, the man spoke to mt granddad and he told him something about his past, about how he died (my granddad told me this a long time ago, so I don't really remember) and asked him to visit his grave and put some flowers on it, take a little bit of care about it for he had noone to do it, he told where his grave was. So my granddad went to find out and heactualy found his grave and took a little bit of careabout it...
I guess all men take care about their home after their death... This ghost had no home, this grave was his home and he obviously asks people for help in taking care of this home...