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Thread: Does it matter?

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    Does it matter?

    Hmm.. came across this question thanks to Zev's entry in her journal...

    Now,.. everyday you girls and dudes would go out.. shop for clothings, perfumes, accessories... basicly anything you find nice so that you would be noticeable by other people... im sure some of you even do this without noticing or know the reason why...

    You even do your best to make a certain profile of you noticed by others, your style? Personality? Traits... yada yada yada... and of course... we all brush away the dirt under the rug...

    Why do we do that? o.O Ever thought that it's... useless? or that we don't really need to do such things... why are we happy when we get noticed or attention? What happens if you get unwanted attention?

    I do understand that we would want to have a certain impression on others.. especially someone special... to co-exist in the society.. but from what I have seen... society is not that just sometimes.. >.<

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    Re: Does it matter?

    I understand what you mean...

    I'm sure most people don't mind a little attention, you know? Getting a compliment is always a nice ego boost! ^.^ Some people seek negative attention as well, to shock people. But, that seems to make them happy. *shrug*

    Then of course, there are people who seek out any attention they can get with their outward appearance. A lot of times I truly believe it's subconcious on a few levels. It's second nature almost to look a certain way.

    I guess I can't really speak for anyone else here, but I certainly speak for me.

    Personally, the clothes I wear, makeup, hair, accessories, etc. are simply things I like. I enjoy dressing the way I do because it makes me feel good. In fact, I don't like attention, lol! It actually surprises me a bit if I do get reactions from people based on the way I look.

    The only time I try to make an impression with my outward appearance is at work. And even then, I dress to NOT get attention, haha! I personally don't want people to know that much about me at work, you know?

    I also like to make impressions on my husband :3 I like to look good for him, you know? I mean, not all the time or anything, but I like to look nice for him, especially if he had a rough day. He does the same for me, too. But it's more of a way of showing love and affection than getting attention. Letting him know that he's special to me! And that in turn makes me feel good. ^.^

    In the end, I don't want to fit in with what society has become. If I have to look a certain way to get respect or to be acknowledged, I'd rather not get any attention at all.

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    Re: Does it matter?

    I already answerd this in the same thread but I am just going to repeat my self any way.

    It doesnt have to matter Ray, some times its just nice to know what and how people see you as. Also, as I said, its good for a laugh.

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    Re: Does it matter?

    Here is my opinion and it is what it is, you can take issue with it if you want. That's fine. The way you dress conveys a msessege to people in some way shape or form. I am not saying it is right that someone thinks they know you based on appearance but that is the way it is. Sorry, if that sounds pessimistic.

    Having that been said dress how you want, look how you want. But don't be upset if people think you are a thug because you dress like one or a slut, or gay or psycho or what not. That is just how things are.

    As for people who do care and maybe should good on you as well. If you want to be taken seriously You are going about it in the right way.

    On a personal note I was once in volved in an incident at work, People I worked with didn't want me wearing my prayer cloth around out side of work. I grieved it. I thought promoting a religous image could not be negative but it was.

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    Re: Does it matter?

    I thought you were just kidding about making a thread like this! lol

    I wouldn't say its society, its more like everyone just wants to be respected for who they are, rather than trying to be noticed. I think most people as far as outward appearances go, well they dress for themselves. Some people dress to impress simply for the fact that dressing well or looking well is a major boost in confidence. Not solely because they want to fit into society.
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    Re: Does it matter?

    i am person who like looking nice in front of everyone but not like i want to show myself to everyone or make them notice me ^^ ... there is people who like to make other people notice them and i don't know why o.O it is very simple to be who you are from all the ways the style, the look, the personalty , as long i look nice and people accept me i don't need to make myself more acceptable ... i love the word " just be yourself* ^,^ .. =^_^=
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    Re: Does it matter?

    I can speak for myself and say that it doesn't seem to matter: I wore the same jeans for college for three years, had two shirts to accompany my torso and a jacket for cold nights.

    Don't get me wrong, I do dress well for the occasion, like for my Physics class (!), interviews, presentations, work, and the like.


    Does it matter?
    It really depends on the setting.

    Betty Harragan:

    If your clothes don’t convey the message that you are competent, able, ambitious, self-confident, reliable, and authoritative, nothing you say or do will overcome the negative signals emanating from your apparel.
    I have seen exceptions. But let's face it, clothes talk first (so does your body). You need not utter a word. People are conditioned that way.

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    Re: Does it matter?

    YES! It matters; To a extent.

    Don't bother kidding yourself. People are naturally going to try to read you as a book. Man I dress so nice people think I am stuck up and a B word. I've been told by many people that they didn't think they like me because of how into myself I was. Yes I am into myself, and yes I love the mirror, [No I do not have a peter pan complex, and I welcome age] but do I go out of my way to dress for others? Not really. I buy what I like, and yes it comes off really colorful, but to be honest I am trying to dress more down and unnoticeable. You see in the workplace your to be selling your company and the products. Not yourself. I don't tend to flash off at work, and I tend to wear plan normal clothing. For example: My work jacket is nothing like my snowboarding jacket.

    So I am going to say this; there is a time and place for everything Rayme, and the only time your not to be looking your very best is when its not your wedding. I mean it's like wearing a red dress to a funeral. A no no !

    Really Rayme I can be very cheap with my clothing and people still tell me "Oh where di you get that!" "Oh thats no nice" It's not about the price it's about how you put it together, and man do I put it together. =P

    TO be honest just to find out what people think of me because the way I dress. Doesn't make me want to change. I like that I appear outgoing and stuck up. Keeps the crazys away.

    By the way I have a question: When you mean dressing up; What do you really mean? Because Halloween is coming up, and I can see the future. A lot of Whores and Pimps this year.
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