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Thread: Does it matter?

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    Re: Does it matter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. K View Post
    Whores and Pimps
    hAAAAAAHHahh. That was my favorite part.

    As for me, I've pretty much had the same clothes for going on... three years now? Money's been so tight I barely have enough to buy food, but I'm still stupid enough to make cutoffs out of all my pants when it's humid. Lol, I only have one pair of jeans I actually like wearing and winter's coming...

    To be honest I love looking presentable whenever I go out into the wider world, turning a few heads along the way. It's also a lot easier to approach other people when you aren't scrubby looking too. Dressing up however isn't really for me... mostly cause I don't have the attire :P

    Consider your outside appearance like a resume. You clean it up and make it look good but you also gear it toward a certain audience. I don't dress like one of those ohsobadass skate people therefore I don't usually associate with them. Likewise the crazy alternative nextgen hippi's don't come my way. What you wear kind of defines who you are and who you know.!

    To go a step further and into the material world. I believe it matters have things and being able to show and covet them. Things like a bed or a bookshelf, anything, are items you can put under your name and they offer comfort when the world fails you. Many people say possessions don't make you happy or fill in whatever gap is there. There's not meant to. Stuff you own shows your success and gives a happiness other than that found in another person.

    I know I was sure all hell sad when I didn't have any furniture for my room and stuff. Money can't buy you love. It's a hell of a shortcut to it though.

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    Re: Does it matter?

    Does it matter? Who knows. These things are usually just part of our nature. As for me, I honestly don't care how I or anyone else looks. People should be treated for their actions... But a little attention is ok too

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    Re: Does it matter?

    Personally I don't think I do that I dont like being noticed to much it weirds me out. I meam a complement every once and a while is nice but not all the time. People who do that still confuse me. But oh well
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    Re: Does it matter?

    yes it matters a girl loves there acessories!

    ( if it didnt exsist u men wouldnt know what to get us for our b/day chirstmas valintines day etc)

    i donno how much i actully have...but like it can kinda stop u from buyin more cloths because for example u could wear a plain top and jeans and its casual wear a cardigin and a few acsessories its more dresed up sometimes a few can make an outsift totally diffrent but i also love them cause they can give u individuality with ur cloths it makes them more personal. like i love to edit things i own to make them unique and diffrent cause im one of them people that like to be diffrent witch isnt a bad thing at all i dont think and another good thing is if u buy real gold or silver jewlery real dimond or stone i could be a good family airlome and even be a good nest egg for ur family if its worth alot in a few years u never know u could go to a junkshop or car boot or somthing get it for 10pounds and it could be worth 3,000 pounds or even more or less but its still good money at the end of the day

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    Re: Does it matter?

    Personally I don't feel the need to get all dazzled up just to get a compliment. I love my body in a way that I feel pretty and comfortable in guy jeans, with a shirt that's twice my size, and just some plain sandals. However if I'm dating a guy and he tells me he likes it when I get all dazzled up I have no problem doing that but if I do since I have to put in an effort to look nice I expect compliments from the guy just so I know that he notices what I'm doing for him.
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    Re: Does it matter?

    I believe it is because the human race thrives on attention (well most do). If we get noticed or recognized for our individuality or our intelligence it makes us feel special. I guess that is how some of the people in this world know they are worth something.

    The only reason why I think this is because that is how I use to be. I wanted attention all the time and now I really don't care for attention. I rather be recognized for the God in me.

    And another reason is because people just like others to know they are unique and being recognized lets them know that they are unique and not like the others. That is just what I think.

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    Re: Does it matter?

    well, i dont really care about attention. im more of a loner at most times. im totaly different from my sis, and the people she hangs around with always wear purfume and make-up, probably to make themselves look cute in front ov boys XP wierd, i stll dnt get y girls like make-up and i am a girl :/ oh well, people hav their reasons for why they want attention from other people
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    Re: Does it matter?

    Here how it is with me, Yes I will clean up and dress nice to go a moive or a wwe event, but if i going to run errors, Like picking up my books at the comic book store, or going to wallmart to shop for food, I Take a bath and then put on like a jogging pants and a old t- shrit
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