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Thread: Does Obama Creep you out?

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    Re: Does Obama Creep you out?

    I'm more bothered by the countless people like you who post threads and have the audacity to bring the president's citizenship into question. I mean criticizing a political figure is one thing, I actually have no problems with that, it's one of the purposes of free speech. But before you criticize someone you better not pull up idiocy and substitute that as an argument. Then you end up looking like the creep.

    Guys, our sight is short, and to put the blame of an issue on one person is laughable. Obama is one person, in a democratic government, not absolute monarchy. He's only as powerful as we make him just like everything else in this world. I've begun to think that most the time politicians throw out a lot of stuff they're 'going to do' simply to remind themselves and the people what needs to be done. The more we complain about it, hopefully the sooner it will be changed, and hopefully those changes reflect the desires of the people. Try not to be so naive when talking about politics and deal with the reality that politicians are not super heroes nor can they solve your every problem. They can only do so much with the little power we give them, and trust me, it is little.

    I'm all for political anguish, but please, enough cheap shots and rumors? It's one of the reasons I hate this subject so much.

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    Re: Does Obama Creep you out?

    He is a US citizen, he was born in the US in Howiian islands, HOW EVER, he was not edjucated or raised in the US for the most part of his life which explains his ass backwards socialistic ideas and his some what esqued US history. Example of which when he talked about Emperor Hiruhito surrendering to Truman in person. Which we all know, or SHOULD KNOW, didn't happen.

    I am tired of people drumming up and questioning his citizen status as it makes us Republicans look bad which is why we try to not assosiat with people who think he is not a citizen.

    But Obama IS an idiot.

    He IS doing worse then Bush.

    He was voted in for the wrong reasons. People fell for the younge black canadet to show that they were not raciest or fell for his "change" which he NEVER explained in his speaches on how he was going to change or fix anything.

    The people he has in office and cabbinet members are crazzy nuts and are devout and open socielists and communists.

    He is assousiated with some of the most corrupt instatutions "ACORN being a big one of them" then any one else who has held office.

    Oh and is driving up our debt faster then any point in US history and passing the most stupid bills which are full of pay offs and pork.

    He promissed transparency for his office but every meeting he ever had for polocy change/reform was behind closed doors and half of which the Republican and several Democrat party members who appose him have been bard from.

    This is stuff I have already said before in other threads, so go read those for more detail and responses to other people and their side.

    In short, does he creep me out, not really, but the people he assuosiats with and support him do creep me out. Obama him self just pisses me off more then anything else.
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    Re: Does Obama Creep you out?

    No matter who's in office the answer is always the same.
    They don't give a dam about you or anyone else.
    There for Obama don't give a dam about the people in the usa, he only concerned about own fat self.So why should we listin to some clown with a lot of money, every thing he says belongs in the toilet .

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    Re: Does Obama Creep you out?

    the 44th president had a state of the adress union but did any body watch it?

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    Re: Does Obama Creep you out?

    I think Obama is the antichrist that is kinda creepy!

    Code Name Wind

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    Re: Does Obama Creep you out?

    No, Obama does not creep me out. How could he?
    I'm getting really frustrated over the fact that a lot of people are posting opinions when they have no idea what they're talking about.
    How can you say that he's doing worse than Bush when he hasn't even been in the office for a year. The President hardly has any political power, he's just a figure head, comparable to the Queen of England. It's not his fault that we went into a recession because of Bush, it's really hard to get out of something like that.
    It's not that he's not doing anything it's just that he doesn't have enough power to do everything.
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