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Thread: domestic violence

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    Re: domestic violence

    When it comes to domestic violence, there are all kinds of excuses:

    "I grew up that way"
    "Things aren't going well in my life"
    "I didn't mean it, I just got angry"

    Well guess what? We all have bad times in life, we all get angry, and no matter what rosy memories you may have created, no one ever has a perfect childhood. It's called being human. The fact is, the only one responsible for your actions is you, not your parents, your spouse, or your child. People are so unwilling to admit that they are capable of horrible acts, they find scapegoats to blame their actions on. And although I do believe that it's permissible to spank your child as a means of discipline (within reason), it is NEVER okay to hit your spouse or domestic partner; a wife doesn't (or at least shouldn't) need her husband to be her father, and he has no right to punish her as though she were a child.

    As for abusers having a sickness, this is true in the case of abusers who can look and their spouse's battered face, or child's broken limbs, and truly believe they have done nothing wrong. These people do need help and should be made to seek it immediately. However, most abusers come back after the act with "I'm sorry" and "I'll never do it again", and this remorse shows that they understand what they did. This makes it inexcusable, as a sane person has more than enough outlets to deal with anger and frustration, other than beating the crap out of someone weaker, especially someone they claim to love.
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    Re: domestic violence

    Personally, it's usually from a family that beaten them up that causes them to beat their children up also. Kinda like a cycle. It keeps going and going until someone in the family decided not to do that and do a different thing. Same thing with getting pregnant. Don't you notice that the mother gets pregnant soon, the child learns that the mother was pregnant at a young age and does the same thing?

    Anyways, my sister gotten beaten up by her boyfriend and is still with him. I was like, "Why are you still with him?! Get out of there before things get worse!" She didn't listen to me. At least her boyfriend cut that habit out of him but I still don't trust him. I refused to talk to him though, and yeah... It should stop and I have friends that got beaten up by their parents too. I would do anything to protect them and I would give them a place to hide from their parents who beats them up, or any relatives.
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